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  • DONEDEALER DONEDEALER May 6, 2011 6:27 AM Flag

    Let Obama know about tax on MLPs

    I am glad that you believe that everyone should pay taxes. This will come as a shock to the more than 50% who are not paying any income taxes and are being subsidized by the top 2%. But wait cry the liberals these folks are paying payroll taxes.
    HELLO! You mean social security taxes which result in retirement income essentially tax free for these folks.

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    • I agree with you 100%. But wait: THINK!!!!
      We have minimum wage of $7.25, a person working 40 hour work week, has perhaps $3 left after deducting payroll,healthcare,cost of commuting, expenses associated directly with making a hard earned living, childcare if applicable. From those $3, they must eat and pay rent!!!!!!
      YES everyone must pay taxes, lets increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Do you honestly think a person making $7.25 has the ability to spend 38% of dollars spent by the entire world on defense? Has the ability to pay for the most expensive healthcare system? I would be happy to see the wages at the bottom increase so that all can pay taxes!!! We give tax breaks to churches, farms, tobacco, oil, I could go on and on, I apologise for a political post on this board. Just for argument sake, I am against UNIONS, because they increase the cost of living for the poor on minimum wage, and supporter of WALMART because they lower the cost of living for POOR!

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      • Excuse me; but if minimum wage were to go up to $15/hr, I could not afford my gardener, house cleaner, car wash, nor eating out. That would be the biggest boost to inflation. Further more, even more American jobs would float off to overseas ports. Why should an employer have to pay $15/hr to have some school kid wash his windows and floors or bag groceries? What city could hire common labor to fill the pot holes, rack the leaves, collect the trash, etc.? Who would want to pay the increased taxes to cover $15/hr city labor? Would you? Think it through?

      • I agree that anyone near minimum wage should not pay income taxes. But when 50% plus who pay no income tax (and this percent is growing) they have little interest in the tax or deficit debate. We must agree that at some point this will be the end of the republic (none has lasted more than 300 years and we are at about 235 years).