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  • DONEDEALER DONEDEALER Sep 24, 2011 10:38 AM Flag

    In 2011 MLP's down and utilities up?

    This can be seen in the sharp divergence between the DJ utility index which is up about 6% YTD v the Alerian index of MLP's which are down about 7%.

    The thrust of my question is: aren't MLP's essentially utilities? Now I know one explanation is that they are viewed as energy related companies. This is a perception. The question is: what is the reality?

    I continue to view the MLP's as essentially utilities which over longer periods have outperformed the DJ utility index.
    I believe that the market is wrong in creating the increased volitility to MLP's. This appears to be do to increased individual ownership of MLP's v utilities and to complexities associated with K-1 tax reporting.

    Any thoughts?

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