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  • chickemmen2002 chickemmen2002 Dec 12, 2011 12:07 PM Flag

    Fracking is very dangerous to our water

    Hydrofracking can be very dangerous to our water. There was a farmer out west that his cattle would not drink the water because of it. The process was created by Halliburton Inc. The hydrofracking process will tear up our small roads with all the heavy trucks rolling over them. There are many other bad things that can happen by this process that I will not get into. This should be stopped before it is to late. If we let it go it will be like an ocean wave to big to stop. The FAT CATS billionares can get anything done in Washington they want with their big $$$ lobbyist and special interests. The politicans are only puppets and the FAT CATS pull all the strings.
    Enough said.
    The Good Chicken

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