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  • jhgrsrch jhgrsrch Mar 13, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    KMP a bit overbought in short run, but....

    should I lighten up on argubly the best MLP in th eknown universe.
    Eventuallysome upgrades to targets should begin happenning. If i sell 1/3 of my holdings and miss a mini correction, will I purchaseback for the long term in a timely manner. I am not much of a trader.

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    • Spits are just math, they do nothing for the returns on the stock. If you can't afford 100 shares buy less.

    • Hi all, Im a new poster to the board and I find all the above info very useful. I recently opened a position in my Roth and look forward to great things from the M&A. Does anyone think if this goes above $100 we can see a 2:1 split? I see the last was in 2001. Thanks for any feedback.


    • It isnt a consistent argument. jnk and hyg are up in price, so higher yield still getting money. mreits faired well today generally. dont agree that this is yield related, yet.

    • The 'news' is not specific to KMP.
      Look to TLT (20 year treasuries) for your answer as to why MLPs did poorly today.

    • expected annual div is calling for 4.98. they beat last 11/12 years. IMO great opportunity to own under $80/share ina years time, average up, or avg down. El Paso deal will put them at a whole new level.

      I sold half my stake in KMI 2day and used the profits to average down my KMP position and will continue to do so if it keeps going down for what seems to be no reason. I agree with all above posts that pps = $90's around ex-div next month.

      May have been overbought recently but now watch for the oversell from the panic and JUMP JUMP JUMP ON IT.

      GLTA!!!!!! Invest with no emotion!!!!!

    • Unless this information is available somewhere, we don't know how much Cramer was holding, but maybe he was just waiting for a call like the one he received last night to set this up. Sorry, but he was the only person in the news making noise. If you consider that the entire sell off started at one time durring the day, 11:40 approximately, it is consistent with someone gettting out. There has been no other sale like it for months. The short interest was 1.76%, very low and there wasn't a large put position in KMP. I look for this stuff all of the time, and try and figure out if something isn't in the works, and it just isn't that way here. So, I am going to write this off to a one-off liquidiation, but it was on the back of downward selling pressure. I think Cramer influences his own colleauges, including Fast Money too. I don't want to hang it on him, and the charts were overgought a few weeks ago, but again, he was the only person that stated anything anyhere. It may take a few days, but we will see $90 again by ex-distribution. Then again, I have seen the MLPs do this, but I would have expected EPD to be joining the party. If you look at MWE which had an SPO today, this was like an SPO for KMP.

    • Maybe a large holder is moving into something else/taking profits? Seems like a violent reaction to nothing specific.

    • Kramer has no clue -he should open up a waffle house-the way way he waffles with portfolios-dont listen to this clown

    • He loved it at 90 two weeks ago and now he sells it at 86. Makes perfect sense to me. I agree that it's amazing that the stock cratering today is probably because of his flip-flop and sale in his trust.

    • dunepray7 Mar 13, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

      This should be a buying opportunity soon. The selloff on the news of 1B note at 3.95% to payoff 7.125 debt is a no-brainer to buy. When is the key. I'm thinking another 1k at between 78-82. That looks like the low trendline.

      Good Luck

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