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  • cybertron888 cybertron888 Sep 6, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    novice question

    my etrade acct says kmp has a p/e of 83. i am new to the mlp's . is this because its a mlp or because of a recent aquisition ect? thanks

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    • I strongly suggest you read a bit about MLPs. Go to "NATPT dot ORG" and read their primer on MLPs. MLPs are priced according to distributable cash flow and NOT EPS or any P/E ratio. They mean little to nothing for a pipeline MLP. Good luck on your investing. Also if you want good info on MLPs hang out a bit at the Investor Village MLP board. Costs a few $$ to post but the answers there are not stupid and incorrect as many are here like the zero basis expert discussion.