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  • wantonfuey wantonfuey Nov 13, 2012 9:01 AM Flag

    You are missing the real story about MLPs...

    I see MLPs getting "killed off" IF renewables are not allowed the same advantaged investment structure. Obama with give them the option to keep their "free money" as long as renewables are allowed the same financial subsidy (it is a subsidy). This is what is going to happen since O&G simply can't prosper without that "big carrot". O&G is so fat and happy they can't wiggle out of what is coming--Solar MLPs are going to allow HUGE amounts of investment in DG and small scale utility projects (7-9% after tax IRR makes Treasuries look like a JOKE). It will be too late once the fat cats figure out where that great sucking sound is coming from--their investment base is going to evaporate once realities of fracking are acknowledged by an angry population forced to drink compromised water resources.

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