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  • datanurd1 datanurd1 Dec 10, 2012 5:11 PM Flag

    More shares issued

    Just when I thought KMP had reversed course, the company is issuing up to 4.1 million shares and the stock prices is off big time after hours. I feel that I have been cursed but this too will pass

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    • This one doesn't bother me anymore than the one they had 6 months ago. #$%$ is up with these guys? Two secondaries in 6 months is unacceptable.

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      • When a company is a MLP they distribute basically all their free cash as distributions. How then are they supposed to acquire new assets without issuing more units and debt? There are lots of companies in the MLP arena better than Kinder as it is having some difficulty in dealing with the EP buyout. They also have a cap ex program in the $Billions. With some people thinking that people are going to stop using energy resources in a bad economy, MLP prices mostly flat thsi last year. Suggest you take a longer term look at MLPs for say 10 years and compare it to the S&P. VERY VERY different picture.

    • The bigger long term problem for KMP (IMO) is the estimated 7% annual distribution growth is based on distribution of virtually ALL dcf.... there is no room for comfort. While interest rates stay at these historic low levels all is well but when interest rates eventually go up it stands to reason KMP will have to alter its distribution growth policy while other MLPs that maintain a comfort zone between dcf and distributions can continue growth comfortably.

    • Can't help but think that this company is trying to stuff 10 lbs of crap into a 5 lb bag.

      Stock Price one year ago = $80.20
      Stock Price Today = $78.40
      Distributions = $ 4.85
      Total Return = $3.05
      Total Return % = 3.8%

      You can get better returns and less risk from preferred stock funds. Richard Kinder is pulling the wool over your eyes

    • I did the math. The dilution represents only $1 in terms of the KMP share price.

      4.5 million share = $362 million in dilution.

      (($362 million dilution / $29.3 billion market cap) * 80.5) = $0.99 cents per share. And the stock is down more than $2 after hours. I buy.

      Sentiment: Buy