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  • walrus8 walrus8 Apr 4, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    Keystone Pipeline Project - Strong opinions on both sides

    In a thread below, racehorse9 said "KMP is the big winner if Keystone is NOT approved".
    I happen to agree with him. JMHO

    Time will tell. The US State dept will be holding a public meeting on April 18th in Nebraska to discuss their draft Impact Report on the controversial $5.3 billion Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline.
    FYI.........The report stopped short of recommending that Obama approve it!

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    • For anyone interested in reading the March 1st report - Google "draft supplementary environmental impact statement (SEIS)"

    • I think the Keystone Pipeline will be approved because it will benefitt all except for Progressive Enviromentalist. The country and Unions need the jobs.The States need the revenue and our President also need the Petrolium revenue to fund his Welfare state. Upon approval of Keystone the Energy sector will have a big bounce in interest and trading activity . The ones that dont directly benefit will be along for the ride. another loser will be someone caught SHORT :)

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      • Hate to bring you the bad news, but the govt. does not get any petroleum revenue from this. Since it crosses US border, Sect. of State has to approve. That's it. Jobs are not for Americans either. The welders, riggers, etc... jobs will be done by typical hard working types that do that now and only until the pipeline is done, then no jobs. US revenue comes from taxing gasoline at 18.7 cents per gallon. That revenue will not change. Demand is demand, nothing to do with where it comes from. The jobs and revenue are coming out of the Bakken shale. that is and should be priority. Things going very well actually. Lets not discuss something irrelevant like this pipeline just because the talking heads do on TV. It just does not matter. Heck, train it down to Oklahoma like we are doing out of the Bakken. Pipeline is not that important.

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