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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u May 24, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    KMP Pipeline Problem

    WSJ 5/24. California refinery s refuse to sign contract for proposed Tx to Ca pipeline. They prefer trains and barges. The left coast Commies made little sense.

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    • It shows how much Bakken and other bottlenecked areas are struggling to get decent pricing on their oil.

    • You lose credibility when you invole politics with investments. Why call anyone who disagrees with you as Communist? Look up the history, market has perfomed better with Democrats in Whitehouse. Do not read the opnion section of WSJ.

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      • Comrade Fountain , I expressed one line on opinion. Credibility with you is not a priority. Perhaps remand me to your Commissar for forced reeducation. Anyone who attacks someone else for Fox News or WSJ is a Fascist. You may picture your self as liberal but there is nothing liberal about control of reading matter or thought control. FASCIST !!!!!

      • Actually, the market performs better with divided government. Gridlock is good. As for California, it is and will continue to be completely dysfunctional. Almost 10 million people have left the state over the past decade or so, replaced by high birth rates among the Hispanic population. Tax payers have been replaced bu service users. College graduates are working in service jobs and leaving the state as there is little job gains in anything other than the service sector. Retirees, other than state employees, are also leaving the state for better lifestyles elsewhere. This trend will continue as the state collects 90% more tax revenue per capita than Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico and 45% more than Oregon - and is broke.

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