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  • friendsareexpensive friendsareexpensive Jul 15, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    I've got a question ....I came here by M&A action......I was a CPNO guy I have these options.......

    The CPNO options were 38 calls exp this Aug. They say now I have 30 contracts of KMP but they have a strike of 83......just one problem: You can't even find this KMP1 option strike 83....It's no wonder E-trade shows the contracts valued at several thousand but no trades and the last trade price is much, much lower. If no one can find this option in charts, then how the hell can I unload it .......there are no trades, just a really low bid and very high ask. That kind of puts us in a twilight zone and apparently our options are invisible to all except the holders. I would really like to have a market outside the few hundred you know what I mean? We didn't get a fair trade here.

    Sentiment: Hold

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