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  • datanurd1 datanurd1 Aug 28, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Syria and KMP

    Doesn't it make sense with all the saber rattling and crazies out there like IRAN and Hezzbollah that there will be a disruption in imported oil supply. In that case won't KMP benefit in an unexpected way by pipiing more oil to differrent locations than was on the boards prior to this situation

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Why would KMP be "pipiing more oil to differrent locations".
      Makes no sense, especially if you are saying there would be less oil.
      Apart from which, KMP has more NG than oil pipes.

    • I concur with your findings and like to speculate that Suncor energy will also benefit with these current global situations. Given that Suncor has a major stake in Alberta, this is where most of the oil in Canada is located, I'm almost certain that the stock will rise dramatically over the next few years.
      Kinder Morgan's pipelines are going to do what everyone thinks TransCanada was going to do. That is run a pipeline from point A to point B. KMP & KMI are already head of it all, given that their pipeline is already built. Strong buy, not "hold" my friend...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy