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  • now_out_of_ten now_out_of_ten Nov 13, 2001 7:26 AM Flag

    Re: three strikes your out

    Still no reply so I will post this again. What's the matter, can't handle an honest question that requires a little introspection on your part?

    "You know I have a lot to learn from you. But first you accused me earlier of flip flopping. But now you mention my spelling errors, which are actually typing errors, where earlier on you agreed with me when I slammed someone for being critical of spelling/typing errors.

    Anyway I need you to enlighten me. How does one person become so consumed by hate? Hate for others that are not like him, others that disagree with him. Where does that come from? Have your life experiences been so horrible as to fill you with this hatred? Were taught this on your fathers knee? I am not taking shots or being faceious, I really want to know. What makes a bigot?

    Incidentally, what is your ethnic background that makes you so superior to everyone else? Please tell me so I can study up on this ethnic groups contributions that allow members such as yourself to exercise your superiority over us all.

    If you could seriously answer these questions, I would be forever in your debt."

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