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  • tiptoe60 tiptoe60 May 30, 2002 6:52 AM Flag

    Saab, Saab!!!

    I heard they just mopped the floor in the bathroom and didn't put up a "wet floor" sign. Here's your chance to be a hero. Call OSHA quick. You the man.

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    • Exactly what does all this personal sparring have to do with the dicussion of Tenneco stock?

      I suggest you book yourselves on Jerry Springer.

    • What do you think his wife is doing while he is off with his secretary?

      Probably blowing the flute down the street!

      that is the real and only reason the good meals keep on coming!!!!!!!

    • Dear Sweetie,

      Apparently you cannot tell when someone is yanking your chain. If you wish to more fully understand the reasons behind your emotional outbursts, may I suggest that you read "THE PSYCHOLOGY OF A DONKEY" by William Reich.

      Have a nice day.

      By the way, if you have been married for 25 years, that make you a veteran of the Sexual Revolution.......hmmmmmmm.

    • "My dear (lady??),"

      Do not attempt to patronize me, you're not very good at it.

      "My wife appreciates being a woman. She plays tennis, works out, takes care of herself, the home and yard, and greets me when I return from work in her latest purchase from Victoria's Secret. After cooking the meal of my choice, we........well, let me just say that we do not watch tv afterwards."

      I will not attempt to justify my own femininity based on what you wife chooses to do with her life (she is allowed to choose, isn't she?). There are enough people in the world that know me and could more than vouch for the fact that I am all woman. I have never been mistaken for being anything else.

      "Of course sometimes I do not come home after work, but she doesn't complain (neither does my secretary if you know what I mean)."

      Ah, so we finally find something that you ARE good at...lying to your poor, unsuspecting wife. Congratulations, stud puppy, you are a bright, shining example of what a good husband is NOT.

      "So at your next women's encounter group meeting, why don't you propose that instead of trying to become men in dresses, that your group instead try to beome real women again. You know, probably like your mother did."

      This is not 1950 anymore, jump into the current century, please. First, a real woman does not need to attend "encounter group meetings." She will raise a family, cultivate a career, and stand beside her husband, who, of course, stands beside her, and is more than willing to share the load with her. Contrary to most psychobabble that says a marriage should be 50/50, I prefer to think that it should be 60/40, or even 70/30. Sometimes I give the 60 or 70 percent...and sometimes my husband does. We support each other, and have for 25 years.

      I must say, you have not disappointed me. You managed once again show exactly what you are made of. However, I must apologize for a statement I made in my previous post, lest I have offended someone. You are not a moron.

      After all, even a moron would recognize you as a loser.

    • Until you get a better grip of the English language, please keep you misconstrued thoughts to yourself or possibly restrict your conversing to debating your dog.

    • I note that it took 13 days for tippy to come up with this latest brilliant insight. One shudders to think of the quality of his humor if he were given a whole month to come up with something.......

      Don't bother responding, tippy toes....I was just grazing this morning to see if there was anything worthwhile on the board, but I won't be back: I've sold out of the whole industry segment.

      Rather than rupture yourself thinking up some snappy put-down, why don't you go off and engage in something which is apparently more your speed: beating up some kid for his lunch money. Have a nice day, you Nazi.

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