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  • lpaolinoissa2002 lpaolinoissa2002 Dec 9, 2003 9:30 PM Flag

    to disgusted

    e your one of the few posters and you do make
    some good points i have to respond. yes the stock was down for today but i see the glass as half full while you see it as half empty. in spite of 9/11 this stock has held up rather well and with fundamentals improving i believe tenneco is poised for a good year going forward and a good Q4. since you have kicked more than a few tires in your day - which company do you believe would gain big time by acquiring tenneco. i know you are an hourly
    but with an qcquistion you may become part of the management - so go ahead give me some names and be serious - i would like to know you perspective- and dont be so disgusted at least you lived to tell about it

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    • I already knew you were dumb as dirt but if you think i get on a chat board to gain credibility then you are the complete idiot i played you for.I say what i think because i can and not because i want your approval.

      But all jokes aside i dont want you to blow me off because i am not your brother .Or did i read that part of your rambling message wrong.but your wife is fair game.Your girl is here gotta goooooooooooooooooo.

    • Thanks for all of the insight into your racist incestuous meager life. You've done to yourself what no others could have done better, you have completely destroyed any credibility you might have had on this board.

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....What a loser girl you are "Queen of the Hollow!" Your grammatical errors, along with what you might consider opinions that offer no logical thought process just blew you off this board LOSER!

      Pack your panties away, grab your kids from the field, call your wife in from the corner and lock yourselves in a garage with your tractor running! Adios Queen!

    • It's o.k. i know you are intimidated by all these intelligent people around you but look at it from the positive side -we still need people like you to clean our septic tanks and wash our vehicles and your wife to do all the things that are ask of any piece of trash ,also your daughter should make you proud to have all those fellows in rome lining up for another go at the stink hole.the only problem is when your grandchildren have to apply for welfare as you do they are going to run into a problem when they get to the box that says check race-there is no creamy color on there so what misery it must be.the wife of yours when filing for public assistants and gets to the box that reads sex she marks anybody and everybody.HERE COMES MY COUSINS AGAIN- WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    • I get it now.............your wife causes all of these problems with the meat supply in this country and you're sad! Your sheets had pee stains on them cause of your bladder problem, and the boys at the KKK meeting made fun of you, your cousins went to the dentist to get their one tooth fixed and now they're sore, on top of all of that your boyfriend pulled out your hemorrhoids again and the doc won't put them back in. "Queen of the Hollow" you are now and always will be Elmer! Don't talk about daddies cause' yours is the Belle of the Ball at the State Pen LOSER GIRL!!!!!

    • You should see my cousins they are all great looking gals that have it all so why not take it to the limit dummy.(aids) you got me confused with the ones you are backing.when you bred like animals you get the diseases.when you lay down with a dog you get up with fleas so pick your poison.again you open your mouth and it gets filled with sh%t so just give it up and wait for fathers day it will be mass confusion around your house trying to find your daddy.but we all know it will be the one on his knees.

      got to go my cousins are here woooooooow

    • Everytime you bend over and open your mouth up, nothing but sloober comes out. Being "Queen of the Hollow" must reallly make you feel special,,what with being able to date your cousins and all, but that never did stop you in the first place now did it?
      Your daddy was a loser, his daddy was a loser, and so on and so you take over the family heritage! It must be special in your hovel.
      The AIDS is taking over that mucas filled space between your ears, the bank just took your tractor back, and your wife left during one of your KKK meetings to find a man. You truly live the blessed life LOSER GIRL!!!

    • Their is one thing for sure and this is a fact,you cant pick most of your family but you can darn sure pick all of your friends and i have all i need.HEALTHY-WEALTHY-WISE.

      Now on the other hand i can see why you are bitter having a family so ugly that you have to tie a chicken leg around their neck to get the dogs to play with them will make you angry i can understand that.Those watermelon neckties get sticky to but what can i say.
      Thanks for the suggestion to change my name to slobberhitler but no thanks i have nothing against jews.(AMOEBA)HA-HA-HA what an idiot.


    • Odd how you look at the color of someone you know before you call them a friend "loser girl. The "Queen of the Hollow" and your friends need to hide behind pillowcases and sheets, because you're not men or women enough to let people actually see your disgusting faces.
      You speak of biology and science? You're right, a sheep would have nothing to do with you nor any other farm animals that have turned you down. They know Skat when they smell it and it's all you are. An Amoeba makes more sense than you do and actually has meaning to its life. Everyone on this board now sees and knows what you are, thanks for proving me right! Since I've started reading your repulsive postings you've had nothing intelligent to add just to cut people down and makes stupid comments. No smoke screen from my side, just yours trying to make yourself look smart. Your daddy should have left you in the dung pile where he found you.
      Change your name to SloobberHitler.

    • I see you still cannot answer the question so that tells me all i need to know about you.Any time you people get confused or trapped you use the race card as a smoke screen,well smokey it wont cut it here because i could care less.

      Again here is another of your stupid quotes(your wife wont quit grazing long enough to let you catch her)that tells me your knowledge which is ZERO (cockroach slither) about biology and or sceince even basic common sense.Me and the Klan had a great christmas and are looking foward to the new year,got a bunch of goodies planned for this year.


    • Hey "Queen of the Hollow," you holding the annual KKK meeting in your hutch tonight? Your wife won't quit grazing long enough to let you catch her anymore, and your kids just got sheared again for the new sweaters coming in at the local store. Funny how your little Jiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmy look so much like you.
      The fun here is seeing you try to defend a lifestyle of the "Wooly and Stupid!"
      Get your pillowcase and sheet cleaned for tonights meeting loser girl.

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