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  • disgustedhourly disgustedhourly Jan 19, 2004 9:22 AM Flag

    the jokes on us

    What ever happened to the "Employee Committee" that was supposed to "assist" with HR policies here in Hartwell?

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    • they did'nt benefit the staff 100% of the time so it just faded away like every thing kind of reminds you of a bully -do it my way - no matter if its rite or wrong.

      but you know how you beat a bully -go face to face with em and they will cower away like a this case they control the power by employment not strength so it is just a matter of time until it blows up in their face like all other stunts they pull.

      most of them have got to live in this community so when they finnally take us under it will be our time then.people are scared of change but most of the hard working people here will bounce back and land on their feet while these idiots in charge will be branded a loser for life.

      you know the saying-WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.and if you look at most of the ones in charge and how they treat people all you need do is look at most of those peoples family and they are already paying the price.thats why the strong live for GENERATIONS and most of these weaklings crumble-fumble -and fall.

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      • You are 100% correct about these fools here playing around with peoples lively hood and trying to be bullies.MOST of them when they are not at work trying to be big shots have to get about 6 OR 8 DRINKS IN THEM TO HAVE THE GUTS TO EVEN FACE PEOPLE OUTSIDE THIS JOKE OF A BUSSINESS.Start up front with the ONE who gets guts after about 5 drinks-You know the one who thinks he can FIGHT after a few brews.Well i got news for him --HE IS A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND.His partner in crime is just as bad but he might can wobble to a brawl.Then you got PIMP daddy soupy playing black jack..How about nervous nellie he stays in the zone with the help of the ole green bottle-
        then you got crater tater check that breathalizer in the mornings.But hey a little good news here is that about a third of these underminded overwhelmed in charge types cant keep there ole ladies happy so i quess they have to take it out on somebody but the CIRCLE COMES FULL YOU QUESSED IT FULL CIRCLE BABY.


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