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  • john_wilk john_wilk Mar 22, 2009 2:55 PM Flag


    Who would want to merge with Tenneco. Any smart CEO would know better than to do that. If it did happen by chance, it would be great to get rid of the Kool-Aid drinking robots at Monroe. We all know who they are the so called aftermarket leaders and there MONROE BUDDIES Its been double standards of Monroeism's since Monroe has been aquired.Walker people have been shuttered for years. It takes 3 monroe people to do a Walker job. It still doesn't get done correctly.If it was the other way Monroe would be gone.
    Aftermarket leaders have no clue.
    Walker killed, Dynomax who is that, Rancho, come on now, Monroe WHO. Brakes it won't be long until the competition gobbles you up.
    The only thing left is the Monroe & Walker lodges. Maybe that dude and his dude buddies from the East can run a program. Great idea all inclusive, food drinks, fun in the sun. First week of Nov 09. Call your local Tenneco Travel Manager. Beaches, Gormet food, cigars,side trips, golf,parties, room service, tug a war on the front lawn, all that fun stuff.
    Greg you are a smart man. Smarter than Evans, Frissoria, and all the rest. The OE is what it is right now. The aftermarket is what it ain't .

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