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  • cobr96a cobr96a Jul 17, 2009 3:20 PM Flag

    Golf for Ever

    please sell your stock's now and most of your post were wrong!

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    • Listen Karl M., Howieeeeee Jr., Billy Jerk,
      Tim Buck teeth whoever you are this time. Oh I forgot you are the Big Fat Baby Huey URtheStroker SLOB. This is exactly what you do to your people and always have. Your are Big Mouth do nothing POS SPECIAL Divisional EVENT planner spending OPM. But sadly enough that Program has come to an end and real shortly so will you.
      Please don't forget to update your business plans if you know how. We don't want to get Uncle Howieee upset now do we. Get ready for your Big Fat mouth conference call. For years your all big mouth talk no action. Go heal up that middle age broken down body of yours. Something else will come up and you'll make sure everybody knows bout it. Cry bout this , complain about that, home office this, home office that, coporate this, corporate that, Uncle Howieeee this, Uncle howiee that.Brakes this, brakes that. Customers don't care one minute about you, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL.
      You are the PIP award winner, and never the pride award winner.
      You have bruises and callouses on your knees and elbows for years Wonder where they came from.
      I'll be at the CASINO near your house today gaming that Ten CASH away I made yesterday having a great time. Maybe you would like to join me.Can I buy you a drink? Or you claim your so rich, you can buy me a drink.

      Hava a nice Day
      Jimmy Krack Korn,
      See you in tomorrows funny papers.

    • UStrokeyourself.
      Really you krack me up. Intelligent conversation, financial stategy, you have got to be kidding baby Huey. The only financial stategy you have or ever will have is OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, known to you as OPM. You don't know how to have a normal conversation just ask your own people. I am tickeled pink for TEN,I'm raking in the bucks.
      As for my 2 hags, don't worry bout mine, just worry bout your one at home.
      Howieeeee Jr.

      See you in the funny papers
      Hava a nice day
      Jimmy Krack Korn Big Mouth Baby Huey SLOB

    • No problem ualways stroke it, I got the money honey, you got the yacco's shoving them down your Big Fat Loud mouth

      Hava a nice day Jr. I mean Howieeeeeee Jr.

    • Dah, Dah, Dah, Yup, yup, yup, You talk like your the PRIDE AWARD WINNER (NOT). Your just a PIP award winner. Karl M. Carl M. HOWIEEEE Jr, you look so much like Howie your starting to dress like him. That must be the influence of all those years of SLEEPOVERS and pajama parties, shoving those pizza and Yocco's down your Big FAT, Big mouth BABY HUEY throat. If I was you, I'd stop talking bout my wife the way you do.
      You're making everybody think she's a big FAT slob like you. Only your next door neighbor on Anthony drive would know.
      Better rest that broken down body of yourS. That gives you more to wine about with your customers. The only reason they listen to your big fat slob mouth is the best thing you know how to do, called SPEND OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. So Fat man baby huey take a MONROE BRAKE YOUR WORN OUT KNEES CAN'T TAKE THE WEIGHT!

      Oh JIMMY, i SAY OH JIMMY krack KORN

      hAVA A NICE DAY Billy Jack, Billy Jerk, Timmy NO TEETH, UBLOWIT, Howiee Jr, Whoever and what ever
      See you in the funny papers
      The new comis Strip staring BIG FAT SLOB BABY HUEY Karl M, or is it Carl M.

    • Who is Carl M? Who is Karl M? Who is the Big FAT slob baby Huey lOSER. WHO is HOWIEEEEE Dutyeee Jr., who has been licking Howieee's butt for years especially when he sleeps at your house.
      What does Ustroke, Billy Jack, Billy Jerk, Timmy Buck Teeth, and Howiee Jr all have in common?
      Correct answer is His customers hate him, his people hate him,home office can't stand his big fat mouth, because he is a Big Fat slob baby Huey who should of been fired from his job a long time ago.
      Hava nice Day,
      Jimmy Krack Korn your nothing but a LOSER that has a broken down body that needs many repair. Go shove some yaccos down your throat like the pig you are.
      You are just a wonderful corporate role model, from Hell

    • Who is Carl M.? Who is Karl M? Who is Howieee Duty Jr.
      OPM is what you use best, money that doesn't belong to you (trip money)
      You are the BIG FAT Moron Slob Baby Huey who live on Anthony Drive in Bethlehem with Uncle Howie Duty,
      Come on BIG fAT SLOB come back with more. Timmy Buck teeth, Billy Jerk, and now you strokeit .Meet the Dyson Family
      Clean up your mess, you leave many paper trails behind you. Go for a round of golf on the company
      Who is a FAT SLOB BABY HUEY IDOT MORON? You are you big fat slob, BIG MOUTH baby huey LOSER

    • Come on Fat slob Karl Howiee Jr, you can do much better than that.
      Fat slobs like you should be seen and not heard from. Why don't you take one of those FUNKY divisional trips known as OPM. Thats about the only thing your famous for at Monroe. Oh there is one other thing you are a FAT SLOB BABY HUEY, who eats like a cow and picks his nose. Hows that broken down body of yours? I'll bet you could use a nice vacation , its really a shame you can't have one at least one on the company. Your losing customers left and right, and as always your own people hate you. Its really a shame they work for 2 morons.

      Hava a nice day
      Jimmy Krack korn.

    • Thats the best you can do.
      Karl M or Carl M is you the Big Fat slob
      Anthony Drive is where you live with your wife and kids and uncle howie dutyee.
      Yacoos is where you eat in Allentown like a fat slob Baby huey that you are.
      Not my wifee and two kids yours don't forget uncle howieeee dutyeee the big east antique dude
      Lotus notes is where you send out junk on company e-mail all the time
      HR is your favorite place to be giving out PIP awards.
      Howie Duty is Uncle Howieee Dutyeee the BIG east Antique Dude.

      Any more questions. Or are we done for the day.

      Jimmy Krack Korn,
      Hava a nice day,

    • Ustrokeit, Billy Jack, Billy Jerk, Tim Buck Black teeth, Karl M, Carl C., Howieee JR. Whatever and who ever you want to be for now. still live on 4361 Anthony Drive with your wife and 2 kids. You even have a bedroom for that special guest all the time Uncle Antique Howie Dutyeee. Right now your eating Yaccos while talking on your conference call. Shoving down as many as you can you BIG FAT BABY HUEY PIG. You do the same thing while your on the HAS BEEN DIVISIONAL TRIP. Laying on the beach with your nose broken like a BIG FAT COW WHALE who has been beached for eating way to many Yaccos.

      Hava a nice day
      Jimmy Krack Korn,
      See you in the funny papers.

    • I stepped in some timbo on my way to the airport tonight. Used a twig to scrape it off of the soles of my shoes. Smelled terrible. Curb your dogs people.

      Smelled like the crap under the rolls of lard on timbo’s extra large, very obese wife. Kind of like old sneakers. Athlete’s foot type of smell. You know, never been washed, yeast, sweat, because she is extremely obese, not clean, unshaven, etc. Timbo if you are doing her, you must keep your eyes closed. If you are not doing her, rent her out as a cow, she can save you money as she will graze and keep you from hiring someone to cut the lawn.

      Lost another account. WOW, imagine that. Another half wit decided to drop your sorry ass. Good for them. Cost the company a bundle. But you could care less as you are mentally a lower savant idiot. Can you say “count toothpicks”?

      Sweet Jesus, you are a moron of epic proportions. Beat your people into submission. Make damn sure that they fear you because you think you are a tough, little, short prick, with bad breath, and bad teeth. In reality you are just a short prick, with bad teeth, and bad breath.

      Wish we could meet, you sawed off snaggle tooth puke. I would drag your sorry ass, squealing like a little girl, into the alley and ……………….you fill in the blanks, moron.

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