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  • snowflake9us snowflake9us Aug 5, 2009 10:08 AM Flag

    Burn baby Burn

    Like the disco have to love PIP'S....

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    • Bye, bye, Howieee Jr. Karl M on Anthony Drive. Please sign off nobody want to hear your big fast slob baby huey mouth.
      Especially your wifee and 2 kiddys your customers, your managers, home office. They all think your a loud mouth do nothing kind of person. Da, DA, DA. all you know is OPM. But not this year. This is the year of the trip that wasn't. Oh my oh my better save up for your own. All eyes are on you. Jr.

      Hava a nice day.
      Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Krack Korn.
      Got to read those funny papers now.

    • Howieeee Jr.Better yet when you have your pajama party sleep over this weekend. Why don't you ask Uncle Howieeee, you both can ZOOM in on the Yaccos and shove then down your big fat mouths, but then again thats nothing new for you. When you doing that you can use what your famous for OPM ,KARL M.

      Hava a nice weekend
      Oh Jimmy Krack Korn

    • Da, Da, thats all you know Carl M. Howieee Jr.Nobody including my self would want to STALK a big fat BABY Huey Slob like yourself. Don't post anything on this board that YOU know nothing about.You know nothing about Ten, never did never will. You can't MANAGE people, you can't manage customers, they all hate you. You know nothing about anything except Other peoples money. I'm sure yesterday while on the conference call you were busy shoving Yacco's down your big fat mouth. You should ask yaccos if they need a new MASCOT. You can be there big Fat slob Hot dog greeter, greeting everyone at the door, because thats basically your inteligence. If you don't understand its like the WAL MART CART GREETER, thats bout all you can handle and there's no OTHER PEOPLES MONEY TO WORRY BOUT. Oh but I did forget you do throw one hell of a pajama party for your only friend. Keep in mind that when you throw those parties your wife and 2 kids can't stand it.

      Hava a nice Day
      Oh Jimmy Krack korn
      Saw you in the funny papers yesterday.

    • While your at it Carl M, or is it Billyjack, Tim Buckteeth, Howieee Jr. or urthebigstroker
      Why don't you a have a pajama party sleep over and you can invite your only friend THE Big Dude Uncle Howieeee Duty.
      Don't act like you know anything about Ten, because you don't except OPM. How's that program look for the first week in Nov, no trip promotion program.

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