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  • john_wilk john_wilk Mar 11, 2010 7:47 PM Flag

    Can't Please anybody

    OK so were all busy trying to sell parts. Setting up meetings, doing field work, shows, business plans, etc. All they can worry about is selling divisional trips for Howie Duty and company. Its like a matter of life and death. Those trips don't sell any more parts, nor do they make good sense, just more work for us. We get paid on parts not trips. While u know who and company is sitting on the beach sucking down beers, or playing golf with OPM. Do any customers ever hand you a PO #, I guess not. They don't hand out any po's after they return home. Bring back the barrel, the yellow jackets, the filter plus, dupont, and the gripper, but get rid of that lousy trip program. I didn't know that the factories carry inventories of trips. Maybe hire an outside vendor to sell the trips. Big Dude Special Event llc. Nice Going.

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    • e-mail me

    • Bruster,you are the man that dominated and intimidated.I bet TOMATOJOKES dad is proud of his son.

      You know how those cowards raise their kids-IF YOU CANT BET EM THEN RAT ON THEM.

      Losers will never change,they always start something they cant finish then need to CRY WOLF ,.

    • i e-mailed u.... its time to keep it there, no more showcasin in front of everyone. talk there. and u can let me know when u'd like to go to ur square

      last response on the message board bout this. from now on, u can e-mail me. i'll take u not e-mailing me as a cop out move. and dont gimme this, "in an hour" garbage either. im talkin bout, u e-mail me tonight, i'll MAYBE read it tonight, n i'll meet u there tomorrow.

      apologies to those that keep this board with integrity. you'll see no more ignorance from me. have a nice day.

    • are u done yet? no one's listening anymore

    • aight, its been a while, vegas was the sh!t, cool 4,500 up... anyway... look here bruster.... i told u im about 45 - 60 minutes from bethlehem in jersey.... how in the hell do u expect me to even make it to coplay within an hour? and then at that, u wanna go AWAY from bethlehem at some gun club... what'd u do? google "lehigh valley gun" and pick a spot? no no no, u were not there my friend. secondly I DONT SIT ON HERE 24 HOURS A DAY, I CHECK WHATS GOIN ON, AND LEAVE! cuz im one of those people that just like, matter... cuz i have like, money and stuff, and responsibility to it. u have a habit of posting 9 seconds after me, get a f-in life. whats wrong with meeting u in bethlehem?! wtf is out in coplay? a bunch of sheep-humpers and rednecks? no no no no no, we're not both going out of our way to settle this, ya hear me? coplay is 45 minutes from bethlehem, thats the dumbest cop out move i've ever heard. did u get banned or something? havent seen u talkin sh!t for a while, i think it was me who scared u. oooo or wait, its come to pass ur not really the famous "CM" as wilks likes to say, ur just a bum tryina get attention. all the better, so that means no one will miss u if u leave. i on the other hand, have no affilition to tenneco, i WAS an investor, but i think u've made things personal.

      teach me a lesson... about what?!?! violence? i'll walk thru bethlehem's toughest hood... allentown's toughest hood... and hold my head high... in places u'd prolly get f**ked in ur @$$ and robbed if u went to.

      meet me there in an hour... f-in tart cart. why dont u jus e-mail me ur address and i'll come there instead. u wanna come to jersey? we can do that too

    • How many names can you come up with?
      1. Tomatobasiljoe
      2. Brooster Rooster the Dork
      3. Long Dork or for you its just Dorky
      4. ustrokeit
      5. Billie Jack off
      6. Billy Jack 49
      7. Tim Bo Tee
      8. Tristindanielle
      9. Mini Me Jr.
      10. Howie Duty
      11. Yocco
      12. CM of Lehigh Valley
      13. KM of Lehigh Valley
      Come on now which name is it today?

    • Bruster,you have already shown this fool tomatosissy to b all blow and no go.Thank you for getting rid of this telephone-internet-typewriter bada$$.

      In person you know now he is weak kneed barney fife acting dress wearing lipstick carrying puss.............

    • i walked in there at 5:50.... cuz it takes me a hour n change to get that far... THEY CLOSE AT 5! makin up imaginary times to avoid sh!t, who's the coward again?

    • bruster,i think you scared that blowhard tomatojuice so bad that he has LEFT THE BUILDING.
      Thank you for putting him in his place because he thought he was the post police but he turned out to be a YELLOWBACK panty wearing chicken s#$t sissy.

      I am sure he will get the nerve up in a day or two and maybe after a three drink special he will think he is 10 foot tall again,and bulletproof.riteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • it was so sissy u didnt even gimme a way to meet u! u jus sat there mouth runnin! do i have to change how i ask u? do u want to attempt to throw a fist at my face in hopes u'll beat me up? i'll make it more "user friendly" for u cuz u dont know shit about life outside a white picket fence. come on man, where we doin this at? suburban raised pussy... mommy and daddy pay for ur school and ur first car? do ur chores around the house u can stay out til 11 type sh!t? damn right u can eat my gun, and each hollow point in it muthafvcka, i aint get rich listenin to a boss all my life @ss kissin til the next man hands me a paycheck. ur so scared!!! oh noOO!!! wait.... all that ramblin..... AND U STILL AINT TRYINA MEET UP WITH ME!!! WHATS IT TAKE!! how do i drag this fake ass momma's boy out his house... hey wilks ur good at suckin people into drama over nothin, how do i get this clown to fight someone? u nothin but hot air. sittin there wishin u got hired by tenneco.

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