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  • golfereveryday golfereveryday Apr 15, 2010 7:45 PM Flag

    Cozad Plant

    Drove by the Cozad plant earlier this week. Was sad to see all the trailers on the back lot waiting to load this plant up! Wonder if Swint is still in "mourning" over this closure.

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      How to fund an underfunded customer travel program.

      1.Tell the customer that the actual cost of the trip is more than the customer could buy it for on their own. The fact is that since you are not using a travel agent and buying travel in mass, the real cost is significantly less than what the customer could buy it for on their own.

      2.Suck up all of the promotional funds that TA made available.

      3.Plan a site inspection trip for the field sales management (and their significant others). Use the site inspection trip as a paid for (by OPM) vacation. The site management will make 110% sure that ALL of your wants and needs are taken care of on the “site inspection”. They want ALL of the OPM.

      4.Contact a jobber that has competitive product. Convince the jobber that you are going to do a stock lift and going to convert them to Monroe and/or Walker. By “accident”, count more competitive product than the customer actually has in inventory. This “gap” is to be used by the customer to pay for “customer travel”.

      5.Sell the competitive stock lift for cash to another competitive prospect. Repeat step 4 and now you have 2 customers going on your trip.

      6.This has been going on for years in the north east. Not just a Monroe thing either. Walker field sales management did the same thing.

      7.It also use to involved fraudulent product warranty prior to going to a consumer warranty.

      8.Did regional management know that this was going on? If corporate management knew, how in the hell did the local regional management not know?

      9.Did sales management in corporate get letters from customers documenting this fraud/theft?........................You figure it out?


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    • By the way it is CLOSZAD not cozad so cry cry cry cry .maybe the cornhusker kickback will help feed the cows ..

    • Golfer, the closing of Cozad is a very sad thing.

      TA walked away from the aftermarket heavy truck ride control business. They left it up to fools like Pulman to get the OE heavy truck ride control market going.

      All talk….no action. Just like the other idiot OE “sales people”. They couldn’t sell pus_y on a troop train.

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