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  • kathy07 kathy07 Jan 29, 1998 8:02 PM Flag

    Dana .....

    does anyone have Dana meads email address?

    I find this very interesting reading all these post. Most of which are very sour and disgruntled comments about the companies "leader". As a former Tenneco emplyoee I also agree that his management syle and approach is intimidating and full of "good old boys"

    The stock hasn't done anything in several years and neither has the earnings regardless of how Dana and his high pricesed staff try to purfume that pig!!

    He should retire ....... the main question here is what is the senceless Board of Directors thinking about. How can they take his constant executive masterbation quarter after quarter. COQ is rediculous. This is nothing other than a marketing index and has nothing to do with cost savings at all. EVA is also an example of how "figures never lie ....but liers sure can figure"!!!!

    anyone else have anything to get off there chest?

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    • I really appreciate your attitude, the world needs more optimists.

      Would you, by any chance, also be interested in investing some money in oceanfront property in Arizona? I'm sure the "Little Colonel" could find you some!

    • Give me a shout back at work or on AOL

    • Wags is jwags3 something. You an ex Tennecoer as well??

    • Wags, is that you?

    • Very Interesting

    • Inside rumor about an exec currently stationed in a foreign posting wanting to come back. He is close to Dana, it is reported.

    • While I understand what you are saying. Take a look at any cyclical business. If the Market is expanding, more competition
      is the threat. If the Market is contracting, current competitors are the threat. I would suggest that either way, the outcome
      is unpredictable. I am not certain what Industry you would pick that does not have risk. No risk, no reward. Ride control and
      exhaust are currently shrinking segments in the aftermarket. This is not all gloom and doom. Opportunity exists for any company with
      resources. You are right, a strong leader is needed in order to accomplish this with a "cohehsive business plan". I don't know why L.
      Pavey went back to Echlin. I'm certain it was worth his while. TA will not fall apart tomorrow because of Pavey's departure. If
      this were true, why is Echlin still selling brakes? I would also point out that brake replacement rates will also decline with
      improved materials and designs. Wouldn't that be a drawback in a highly competitive market? Oh well, I think you get the message.
      Always two sides to every story.

    • Rumors from inside indicate Pavey did not like what he saw and took off. The brake business is a little different becuase the replacement rates are pretty well fixed at 20 -25%, while rates for shocks, struts and mufflers are declining as product quality increases product life. Brake friction life is not increasing as a general rule and that is good for the replacement market, where
      Echlin is strong.

      TA's problems are solvable because the business franchise is very stong. Packaging can stand alone as well. The real issue with TEN is the corporate overhead represented by The Greenwich office.

    • Pilot,

      While I appreciate you trying to defend your employer, you should check your facts:

      Re: Automotive

      1. Aftermarket is declining in size, check total AM ride control shipments over last 5 years. Does this look like a growth industry? Higher market share in a declining industry is not a positive.
      2. Product improvements are cosmetic, and complicate channel inventory issue management. Don't believe me. Ask the Monroe field sales force about the issues with Gas Matic, Gas Magnum, MonroMatic Plus. If you sales force spends all of its time managing inventory, when do they sell?
      3. The exhaust side is driven by OEM, which are at the peak of their business cycle. What happens when car sales drop?

      Packaging has its own set of issues as well. The point is that there are alot of significant issues for this company to conquer in the near future, and they need a strong leader, and consistent execution of a cohesive business plan to do it, something they haven't had.

    • Please see messages 86 and 87 - yes, Mr. Pavey (V.P. and G.M. of TA Aftermarket) resigned to stay with Echlin. Tom Evans, president of Tenneco Automotive will be the interim head of Aftermarket until a replacement is found.

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