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  • purpleT19 purpleT19 Jul 24, 1998 8:01 PM Flag


    i keep hearing, "just wait till it's your turn". when did you get on?? we're due next couple of months, i hear.

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    • I would guess that you are part of the paperboard
      division and judging from the length of your note and tone
      of your message is is fitting that you are or were
      part of that business.

      If you have not followed
      the financial news over the past few years, S&P 500
      has outperformed Tenneco stock by an embarassing

      I thought the message board started this year?
      Guess we do not have a correlation.

    • Manufacturing located in Wheeling - SPG and EZFoil.
      Distribution center in Wheeling.
      Technical Center in Skokie.

    • Neither Dana Mead nor Paul Stecko has the guts to
      do what needs to be done--really. Stecko should
      hitch up his pants and fire Sweeney. Sweeney has ruined
      the division, and ought to be out on his ear. Morale
      is terrible and getting worse. The plants are being
      asked to take costs out at a time when we run too lean
      as it is. The management sits in Lake Forest with
      their mortagages underwritten, salary and bonuses
      continue to flow, and life is good. Meanwhile, the troops
      in the field are dying. C'mon Paul, fire BS. Be a

    • First, Freedom of Speech is an entity you should
      never be afraid to exercise.

      Second, this
      Posting Board has droned on for months and months will
      complaints about Tennaco, management, and

      You've all talked enough to have a few suggestions on
      how to make Tennaco better, and much

      Those that are shareholders can (and it's about time
      they should) take the action that a shareholders has
      the right to do.
      Namely, introduce a resolution
      (for a vote of the shareholders) at the next Annual
      Meeting. There are lead time considerations, so nows the
      time to get cracking.

      As ex-employee
      shareholders, there is the practical aspect of lack of
      retribution. So here's what pkgvet can do:

      Write the
      compnay that she intends to introduce the following
      resolution at the next annual meeting of Tennaco

      Resolved: That Tennaco consolidate its corporate
      headquarters in ..<you fill in the blank>.

      are SEC regulations ( and some Tennaco By-law
      stipulations) that you have to follow, but this is completely

      Just read the proxy booklet from last meeting. Look at
      the proxy booklets from several other companies
      meeting. Usually there is at least one shareholder

      The important thing is that a message is conveyed.
      The resolution and your explict arguements
      propounding that position have to be documented in the proxy

      It's essentially free. A few stamps and a few letters.
      For best results you make sure you attend that
      meeting and deliver the resolution yourself.

      Ordinary people can do this! And each of you being
      connected to the Internet are actually a cut above the

      Can we not muster a fair amount of
      support right here on this Posting Board for (make sense)
      proposals from our own shareholder posters?

      seriously, this is the way to start change to

      There have been easily 20 good ideas posted on this
      Board in last 6 months. How would other normal
      shareholders feel to see your suggestions up for a vote at a
      meeting where the outcome could really change the course
      of Tennaco's journey?

      Better yet, how would
      Dana and his gang of cronnies feel if they saw twenty
      voteable proposals that they didn't come up with

      Want to push Dana closer to the edge?
      Make that 40 good shareholder proposals at the next
      meeting that he has to debate and sweat the vote


    • You guys in Harrisonburg have always done well -
      so life is good for you no doubt - however, how many
      people (lives) did you have to cut/ruin to help achieve
      the $100MM cut that Tenneco mgement thinks will
      improve their stock value. A lot of the folks let go
      where I come from were just considered not contributers
      and this point in time (short term) but had great
      potential long term!!

    • You said a whole bunch with your post. . . .

      The only thing I could add, is: What about customers
      and products and services that satisfy thier needs?
      That's where the money starts coming in.

      Just a
      quick question, do you think any of that 7% will end up
      making a customer any better satisfied? or working on
      a future product to keep TEN going (or whatever our
      entity will be)?

    • Back out of it for a minute, your valves are

      You were going so hard and fast some of your letter
      characters didn't even make it to the screen!

      Take a
      pill . . . . .

      Breath Ten . . . . in with the
      good air, out with the tension.


    • Gee guess according to your post, we don't count
      here. Not only do I invest a portion of my pay back
      into the company, every workday, I invest a good
      portion of my life in Tenneco. I think I have a right to
      comment on how the company is being run, what kind of
      leadership and management we have and what our future might
      be! I don't say anything here that I wouldn't say in
      person to my boss or the people that I work

      Is it wrong to care! I and lot of the people that I
      work with that have been around for the long haul, are
      very concerned.

      I have said it before on this
      board, there are a lot of good people still at Ten,
      Monroe Walker and Packaging et al. A company is it's
      people, and if they are not maintained just like the
      equipment in manufacturing there is going to be a problem.

      Try reinventing the wheel everytime you need to go to
      the grocery

      So just back off about
      employees and their comments!

    • Extremely verbal these past few days.

      BOD and the street will not magically increase the
      stock value by reading this board and seeing POSITIVE
      messages about how great TEN is. They are smart people,
      lets all try to rememeber that, so many firms have met
      demise because they thought the street was dumb.

    • Your idea of hard time is childs play compared to
      my days working with said firm. I shall defer
      defining hard time, intuitively believe all current
      employees understand meaning. I would like to see it
      succeed, alot of stock in my 401K plan. Just trying to get
      people to open up on this board so the BOD and the
      street continue to pressure the firm to do the right

      See ya

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