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  • gonfalonier gonfalonier Feb 5, 2001 8:06 PM Flag

    Long Term Plan

    Tenneco has downsized again in an effort to drop more money to the bottom line. Although this is a good way to realize quick profits, it will only succeed if it is coupled with a long term plan to exist and thrive without the services of those whose positions were eliminated.

    It appears that Wall Street and investors in general do not believe that this is the case with Tenneco. The stock price continues to languish between 3 and 4 dollars per share.

    Tenneco management has concluded that the company is staffed with too many salaried employees. Although painful to those who are losing their jobs, it is probably a necessary step in regaining corporate health in a depressed market. The real concern, as I see it, is that Tenneco has not provided a clear cut strategy beyond the easy step of reducing headcount. Until such a plan is put forth, Tenneco will continue to suffer poor stock performance and low employee morale.

    I further believe that the present management team, headed by Mark Frissora, have undermined their credibility to the point that they can no longer attain the necessary support to effect a turnaround from the current position and should be replaced.

    This is just one person's opinion. Please recognize it as such and realize it is meant only as food for thought for those of you who care about the future of Tenneco.

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    • I know about Milan and Napolean, they are both in Ohio. Milan has about 50, not sure how many in Napolean.

    • I would kinda like the answer to this question as well....So who else other than Angola is laying off....Come on people SPEAK UP!!!!

    • I asked that very same question about Steve deserting a sinking ship....The answer I got was...the ship isn't sinking we're just going through some tough times right now. I always thought that the Captain of the ship was SUPPOSED to go down with the ship NOT bail out of it when it started sinking.

    • besides Seward,Angola laying off hourly employees what are some of the other plants that are laying off hourly employees?

    • First of all the nurse is wrong to be dispensing medication, she is not a physician. Second your medical records are private, revealing information without your permission is against the law.Third, I know what you mean about Butch Brown, he was at the Milan plant when Shah Raza was here, we were glad he went back to Angola. Sorry about the layoffs, it's happening here too, but we're still working 5 days, hang in there it will get better eventually, it always does. I've been through this many times, it just takes awhile to run it's course. It's like being very ill, you don't get better over night, but eventually you fully recover and get stronger than ever.

    • It was the same at the Milan plant. She got whacked just before X-mas though so no more nasty nurse to deal with there. She was only a paper work nurse anyhow not a real nurse that could have actually helped anyone that might have needed real medical attention as a result of an injury.Now the HR guy or sometimes the Safety guy does the same thing she was doing, the office is open but no one is there most of the time, just like when she was there.

    • Is Steve staying ahead of the game by deserting a sinking ship? If business conditions are so bad at your facility, it could be that Tenneco is looking to close the plant and move the remaining business elsewhere. This not only saves the headcount but helps shave overhead, transportation cost, etc. One always has to wonder what is going on in the devious minds of Tenneco management.

    • Oh we're NOT mad in Angola we're FREAKIN PISSED OFF!!!!! The week before last they cut us down to 4 days, saying it was so they could save money and wouldn't have to lay anybody else off needless to say we had another lay off that same week. We're tired of all the bullshit that Management is telling us.

      Let's start off with our plant nurse ....Dear sweet Donna. We go to see her because we are in pain, so instead of making us a Dr's appointment to get the situation under control right away she fills us with so much advil that we start having stomach problems. Then of course she has to broadcast our medical records to anyone that is willing to listen to her.

      Butch thats a man that CAN'T even look you in the eye when he's talking to you. My mother always told me, if a person can't look you in the eye he is LYING to you.

      Steve....well from what I've been reading about him enough has been said about his LACK OF PEOPLE SKILLS. I do believe there is an Anger Management class out there somewhere just waiting for him to sign up.

      Our supervisors are half way decent, but they gotta report back to Mr Wonderful who if course puts his foot down.

      We the people of Angola DO care about our jobs and wanna remain working. All that we are asking for is some RESPECT.

    • sounds like youd be a hell of a mediator. y not help em out? yer friends or so called friends thatt is, unions stick together like glue or fall apart like fresh cornbread

    • yes there are mad. they don't know how to get along with each other. they knife their friends in the back and don't bother to go to union meetings or get any education to learn how to deal with the problems they have. so it is better to take it out on each other.

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