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  • saabx2 saabx2 Feb 8, 2001 2:42 AM Flag

    angola to marshall

    mr. heoper has in my opinion an anger manegement issue. i have seen him berate his own salaried in front of hourly, in mixed meetings. if he needs to unload on an individual that is his subbordinate that is his business, but not in front of the hourly.. NOTHING could be more unprofessional. HOW CAN i respect an individual of this type???

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    • For starters, nice reply. Glad to see I was able to strike a nerve.
      Standing together, and being strong is the key to making it in the rough periods.
      To set the record straight, I don't know it all..... just most.......LOLOL j/k

    • that is the truth. include Butch Brown and the new Hr person. we need to work together work together and know what is being pulled in other ten plants. communication and education is the key. I know I am tired of the sick that they pull on people and people in angola are fed up with the way certain people are treated. It is happening to all of us. how would you like Butch Brown and Donna our nurse maybe you could teach them something too.

    • That is the way they are. I seen a person from management throw his coat on the floor because he seen something he didn't like. If only they could see themselves and see how stupid they look to other people. They think they can do anything they want but we are not suppose to. I can't respect them and wonder if they respect themselves.

    • That's exactly what happened with Shah Raza a few years ago. He lost everyones respect immediately. We don't want to see that kind of immature display by our "Leadership". The only thing that's going to get us through these hard times is cool heads,sharp minds and a willingness to get out on the floor and see to it that everybody is working to the best of their ability, be it hourly or in particular management, because it's their job, that's why it's called MANAGEMENT.

    • "mr. heoper has in my opinion an anger manegement issue. i have seen him berate his own salaried in front of hourly, in mixed meetings."

      Get used to it. That was his M.O. in Paragould and Cozad although in Paragould, because of his position, he was limited to only berating his peers. Once he got a title in Cozad, it was his carte blanche to shower ALL of the people with his keen insight into plant operations. Angelo C. saw through that & saw Steve for what he is, a little despot with feelings of superiority & an infantile managemant style to exert that supposed advantage over the masses.

      I've never heard anyone who worked under Steve ever say that he commanded their respect.

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