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  • notmephil notmephil Feb 14, 2001 8:59 PM Flag

    rough year

    This is going to be a rough year for tenneco automotive.If you are willing to sit back and ride it out, than kiss my #@*. We need to stick together, and show the company that we are one unit and one voice. We need to strengthen our union and show this company that we are a force to be reconned with. The worse this company does, the more that they expect from us. We need to say in ONE loud voice, ENOUGH. We can show them the way.It is time to to grow up and grow together, and stop this intra-family squabling. We are our own worst enemy. It really is time to show this company what a determined, capable and organized work force can do. We can bring this company to it's knees, and re-shape their way of thinking. In the long run, it will better our lives and also increase profit. To do this ,all we need to do is organize and communicate between plants. It is simple, but so few tenneco workers are willing to do it. I ask WHY?

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    • Reasonable yet not realistic..

    • ROFLMFAO!!! You guys watch WAY too much television.

    • Sure, we have problems at Milan, but not the kind of turmoil I'm hearing about from Angola. I agree, Corporate has been less than competant for quite awhile. The head chopping of key individuals, while dead weight was left intact showed very poor judgement. I'm not sure what formula they used to make those deciscions, it made no sense to me. Management would do well to follow this simple philosophy. Success or failure is in all our hands, IF we as individuals do our jobs to the best of our ability from the top down, we succede, if we don't we fail. It's a philosophy I've applied all my life. It's a pity more people aren't familiar with it. The us against them philosophy has been prevalent for way too long. Don't get me wrong, I've been a union man for nearly 30 years, I just don't think we can be SUCCESSFUL if we are constantly on opposite sides of the fence. Unfortunately, that's the way things have been forever and probably will not change in my lifetime. People have long memories and for the most part are unwilling to forget the past. It's a matter of TRUST. It doesn't come easy and once lost is difficult if not impossible to recover for most people, and so it follows that little things like being lied to by people you should be able to TRUST,or any other violation of that same TRUST keeps the war going, be it between management and hourly or between union members who apparently can't seem to get along with each other.

    • I agree in most parts, but not all. MILAN has it's own problems just like any other plant. I, we are not talking about plant specific problems. All TEN. plants have at the most part, very good foreman, and in some cases, upper management. The major problem as i see it is corporate. It has wasted, and not spent needed money in the past simply because of too much excess. UPPER MANGMT. has finaly realized that this has to stop. But they are going about it the wrong way. CORPORATE NEEDS TO RE-EVALUTE THE WAY THEY DO BUISNESS FROM THE VERY TOP, AND NOT THE BOTTOM LINE. Some very bright and key people have been dismissed for the bottom lines have been cuT short and now take weeks instead of days to acquire because CORPORATE requires it. This puts un-needed pressure on the union to perform better, "not more efficiently" just more erratic. This in itself ties into frissora666 comment.Did you noitice how that when we started to finally agree on things that he comments on how this is a buisiness board and not a bitch board? Wake up, this is business. The more unhappy and the more we get jacked around, the worse we perform and the lower the stock price goes.Sounds like business to me. MAKE THE WORK FORCE HAPPY, AND THE BOTTOM LINE TURNS GREEN. I think frissora 666 is STILL UPPER MANGMT. I still think we are our own worst enemy. It would really be nice to see all our plants in one group to sit down and discuss our problems. we could then find solutions, and meet this company HEAD ON AS ONE UNIT.

    • Sorry folks, I meant to include the word, "not". Again, I am not being anti union. While I did not belong while I was with Tenneco, I did belong with another company.

      However, this message board is meant to be used by stock holders to discuss what is or what is not happening, from the stock holder's perspective, with individual stocks.

      Frankly, as a stock holder and former employee of this once proud comapny, I can appreciate your frustration with the company. It continues to flounder and flop around in the sun. There is no direction, other than mis-direction, by people who don't seem to know or care about the customers or the employees.

      With that said, it would be appreciated if you would have conversations about the union on the union's message board.


    • I just sat here and gone back and re-read everything everyone has said about Angola. Everyone does have a vaild point in what they are saying. We all need to get along if we're actually going to survive this slow period. All this bitching between ourselves has GOT TO STOP!!!! We NEED to stick together. If you have a problem with someone GO TALK TO THAT PERSON PRIVATELY. Bitching is only adding fuel to the fire and right now there's one hell of a bond fire going on here. Everyone just THINK before you post, you really DON'T have to hurt your fellow co-worker to get your point across.

      I vote for bring the company to their knees. Lets all work together to make our Union something to be PROUD of.

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      • "I vote for bring the company to their knees. Lets all work together to make our Union something to be PROUD of."

        You are an idiot!! "Bring the company to their knees" That is something to be proud of?!! Maybe you are proud of spending time on your knees, but we need a strong company, not one on its knees.

      • Good point. Most people think that this board is becoming the Angola Complaint Department more than anything.
        Sticking together is what needs to happen in tough times like these, but STICKING the company? Times like these are not the kind of times that one would want to stick the company. Who pays your check? Working with the company will help tons in times like these, not sticking it to them.
        From one union member to another, unite for the right reasons, fight for the right reasons, and WORK with the company through the tough times....
        ts, Ohio

    • We have been trying but what do you do when the company helps my causing problems on the floor and certain workers doesn't want to or know how to work things out. I feel the company is happy about the fighting. There are things that they are doing to keep it going. I told company from now on whenever they want to talk to me that I want my union stewart there or no talking. They lie though their teeth and get by with it. I say take our union stewards with you at all times. The company can't talk to us anymore unless they have another company person present. Seems like they said the wrong thing once to many times and got caught. I agree let's stop the fighting and get together and fight together. It takes all of us to do this. Nobody is better or worse then the next person. I'm not afraid of voicing my opinion and I have. What I am tried of is getting jumped and made fun of whenever I do. People has forgotten one thing. Acept the people for who they are and not what you want them to be. Everybody has feeling and a daily life which they have to accept the good or bad. Find out what your fellow workers are going though. A little caring about them goes a long way. Let everyone be a part of the picture not just a few. It takes commitment, caring and sharing to get though this. So come on people let's get together and make a difference as one big local. thank you for listening. This is my opinion.

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