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  • now_out_of_ten now_out_of_ten Jun 29, 2001 2:23 PM Flag

    Time to buy this stock?????????????????

    Mr. Frissora,

    If you take a peek at this board I would like you to know that I hope you and your staff, and spouses, have a lovely time. Here is something to think about while you are spending that extravagant amount of money.

    You let me go in the first round of layoffs, I was six months into a new marriage and six months into a new house. Halfway through the layoff period, of five months, I found out I had a child on they way. I used your severance, thank you, and was forced to take out my 401k money as well as deplete most of my savings.

    I am now in a far far better place with a far far better job. I am lucky. I am educated and had all of the resources I mentioned to fall back on. Many people who have, and will be laid off, do not.

    AND YOU HAVE THE GAUL TO SPEND THAT KINDA MONEY!!!!! HOW MANY SALARIES COULD THAT MAINTAIN? YOU ARE A GREEDY INEPT SON OF A B*TCH IF THIS STORY IS TRUE, which based on past history such as your staff christmas extravaganza, I believe it.

    Chew on that with your filet served on fine china at your f*ckin resort outing.


    Not bitter, just pissed.

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    • He is the
      sry to hear you had it rough but everyone young does. I spent my youth in the great REGAN depression when there were soup lines and 50% unemployment. Lost a fantastic job and scratched at min wage for 5 years, but We made it. Everything goes in cycles, so always be prepared for a rainy day.
      and dont cuss MF....he only does his thing. His team appears to be corporate raiders. Just like sharks in the ocean, there is a need for everything even those with teeth.
      Be careful who you vote for in the next election or you might experience the great bush depression.
      Just.....All my opinion and what do I know?

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