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  • garyft54 garyft54 Nov 13, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    I hope everyone who wanted the Democrats and Obama to win lose their pants in the market going forward.

    Wait until Obamacare kicks in,lol

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    • Funny how for at least a decade or so the three most prosperous countries in the world are Norway Denmark and Sweden also the three most Socialist countries in the world too. At least I think it's funny since the USA is #14 way down on the list and certainly desires to be the most prosperous country on earth. Perhaps a bit more Socialism might move us up the scale? I'm not promoting Socialism merely quoting the facts and asking a question.

    • Pay attention now, even if you believe Obama to be as bad as you say, he still routed the Republicans in the past election and they lost several more seats in the Senate. So as bad as you say he is HE STILL WON. Repeat as bad as you say he is HE STILL WON. Not only that but if the Republican's keep up their obstructionist behaviour they will get crushed two years from now and the Democrats will control the House too, I hope so. Again since you have a problem accepting this HE STILL WON. LMAO

    • harvioke,
      The results of the election would indicate that the Republican party has totally alienated minorities and although they may have never specifically mentioned racism, their pre election rehtoric was clearly interpreded as racist and elections are are won or lost on more than pure economics. This is a democracy and that means the majority rules, why do the Republicans keep attempting to overthrow laws that the majority have voted for i.e. Rowe versus Wade? Why does that same party seek to force their religous views on the entire population?
      President Obama has recorded the highest votes for a Democrat in history ( 08) and the highest since LBJ. The majority have spoken, the Republicans lost and failed in their bid to prevent him serving a second term. The reality is, if they fail to compromise on the fiscal cliff issue they will be seen as the cause and they will again pay dearly two years from now when they lose control of the House and guarantee another Democrat President come 2016.

    • Garyft54,
      Why would you hope for such a thing? If the market tanks Democrats and Republicans alike will be hurt. It is that sort of attitude that may have cost Gov. Romney the election. I do not have high hopes for the economy under the current administration but I most certainly don't want anyone whoever they voted for to lose their pants because we are all wering similar pants. True patriots don't hate their fellow Americans just becuase they disagree on things. GLL


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    • mychkael Nov 14, 2012 7:42 PM Flag

      You said it man....everything obama will destroy the US. He is a socialist pretending to be for the nmiddle class. Anyone half awake can see he's just making it up as he goes.

      Still havent had anyone give me his resume....the part that qualifies him to know how to fix anything economic. Instead of clicking the thumbs down try giving some facts about his resume....anyone...especially those that voted for 4 more years of the same ineptness we already got.

      We are screwed with O at the helm....god help us.

    • get over the election if Romney would of won you still would have the senate tieing him up too and the market still would be down even more quit your whining and try to get along

    • Bless his little heart.

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