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  • garyft54 garyft54 Nov 22, 2012 10:52 AM Flag


    Did you know that the Democrats removed from their party platform in 2012 that Hamas should be isolated until they they stop their support of terrorism?Interesting?I would have loved to ask Obama this during the debates and hear his #$%$ answer.I would have also asked him why he said in Cairo that when he hears the Islamic call for morning prayer it's the sweetest sound on earth.Would any Christian say this?LMAO.Obama wanted that ceasefire in Gaza so that his brothers could regroup to fight another day with more sophisticated missiles.The people who died on 9/11 must be turning over in their graves seeing who our President is,voted in by the dumbest electorate in America history led by doodoo4scumbag the muslim sympathizer.

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    • mychkael,
      There is nothing in the Constitution that says a President has to have a business back ground and certainly looking at the performance of General Motors, General Electric, Chrysler, Lehman Brothers, Kodac, Hewlett Packard, AIG and a myriad of other absurdly badly managed companies we should be thankful.

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      • mychkael Nov 28, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

        I cant waste my time with someone as lost and ill equipt as you and your kind to help you understand any of this.

        I have never seen a more lost bunch of souls, clueless aboutwhat is going on... than those who support Obama and his ignorant policies. May God help you....and all of us with 4 more more years of the same.

    • We can actually agree on several points...

      Obama's priorities are wrong. He should have focused on energy (esp. nat gas) on day one. Outsourcing of jobs and global competitiveness on day 2. No country can prosper when it sends so much of its money to other nations. Heathcare should have been smaller and results based rather than the monster they made.

      However, then you go off on a conspiracy theorist rant about how Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the U.S....blah blah blah. This is complete load of crap and destroys your credibility. Talk about drinking the kool-aid. Your corporate overlords have trained you well.

      Obama seems like a decent guy, he does a lot of things right. But he also does a lot of things I don't agree with. That doesn't make him the anti-christ. It makes him human.

      And I'm sure you STILL don't get it. Talk policy, talk priorities, talk about the next step and people will listen to what you have to say. Talk about conspiracies, rant about treason, and how the U.S. should go back to the good old days when everyone was a white puritan and nobody is going to hear a thing you say....But I'm sure you won't listen. The polls had Obama ahead in the election, but the GOP declared "conspiracy! just wait and see! We will win big!". They don't listen to facts that contradict what they believe. That's a recipe for failure.

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      • mychkael Nov 28, 2012 1:26 PM Flag

        Good Lord......not into conspiracy theories as you claim. He is a socialist....and his efforts will and are destroying the US. All your ranting about me just proves my are clueless and have a problem listening, reading, understanding, learning...etc. Perhaps you and all Obama fans are add!!! Sure looks that way.

        As far as credibility....I would take you on in a debate any day and squash you like a bug but I am not interested in wasting my time proving my points to you. Obamas ignorant ways will prove it for me. You will see....guaranteed!!!

        Plus...I have a multi million dollar business to run. If you ran a business you might understand a little about what I am talking about and how Obama is destroying the US with his absurd ideas. Obamacare....what a joke!!! I feel sorry for you and the US for electing someone so pathetic as President....more of the same.

        Wake up....then grow up....

    • Why not find a better forum to present your sad political commentary than here/ You are obviously a #$%$ which it is your right to be, but this site should be confined to issues that relate to RSO.

    • Maybe the GOP candidates would get more votes if they would stop insulting half the population. You disagree with Obama policies...fine. Say which, and offer alternatives. But they don't stop there, They go on and on about Muslims and the lazy unemployed and women being raped. Sometimes its just better to shut up and play nice if you want to change things for the better.

    • You know you have won the argument as soon as your opponent has to resort to name calling. In spite of both your protestations a recovery is underway reflected by the stock market run up that we have seen the last two years.
      Incidentally the smartest in the Republican party have been distancing themselves as fast as they can from both the losing candidates and their platform since the results of the past election.

    • mychkael Nov 23, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

      Amen....I have never seen a blinder bunch of people and lost souls in my life than those who voted for Obama....their great Messiah who can solve anything...even though he has no resume with qualifications to solve the real issues. How absurd is that?? He is only making things worse and it is obvious to anyone half awake.

      Obama is a two faced inept snake oil salesman that has snowed a lot of desperate freeloaders and we will pay dearly for his presence in the White House. Guaranteed!!

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