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  • snddk snddk Aug 27, 2008 11:12 PM Flag

    BACK on a major exchange...

    after years. I made the unfortunate mistake to buy this for the first time with the intentions as a daytrade on a friday, only to decide to hold it overnight. Of course, bad news came out over the weekend and the stock was halted and never opened the following monday. What was to ensue was one of my ultimate test of character. Had a massive margin call(another rookie mistake was not recognizing the stock was non-marginable before buying) that by some miracle I managed to answer all so I could sit on this for three months before it opened again, some 75% lower at the open on it's way to eventually becoming de-listed. YEARS later, it's crawled it's way back to the a major exchange. The only thing that gave me any hope was the early impression that I had of Todd least I got that call right as by some miracle he pulled this company back from oblivion.

    THANK YOU Mr. Todd Wille!!

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    • I owned this stock back in 2000, bought 1000 shares at ~$26 watched it go to the mid $60s and like a fool didn't sell. I believed those Motley Fool aholes about buying and holding. I got out with a small gain before the music stopped. Couple of years later got a check for like $56 dollars from the class action lawsuit. This one taught me to never trust a balance sheet.

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      • The former CEO went to jail for lying to investors. I wrote a letter to the judge encouraging a stiff sentence--just because of the problem exposed by your last post. He violated the trust of investors. I too lost a a bundle in the swindle and still hold a few shares. No hope of regaining what was lost but it looks like the company is on the right track.

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