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  • oliviah26 oliviah26 Dec 27, 2001 2:40 PM Flag


    1.6 Billion in Cash and 4+ BILLION IN DEBT AND THAT DEBT HAS INTEREST PAYMENTS! FIBER NEED WILL NOT APPEAR FOR AT LEAST 2-3 YEARS. EVEN THE CEO OF GLW SAID LATE 2003. NOW, do you want to bet on a company that may not see demand for 2-3 years and has a boat load of debt. Not smart.
    Look at XOXO they have plenty of cash but a have a boat load of debt, what do they do? they go belly up to escape interest payments and shed the debt, smart move for staying in business bad for shareholders.

    glw will be around this year and next year but, I bet they stay around only because they went belly up to escape mounting debt payments. fiber demand in my opinion is 7 years away. thee is no need now to even light the existing fiber. so, light the 80% not used and that will pretty much put glw into the hash heap of failed telecom companies.

    just my opinion.

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    • i always wonder why people who are down on a stock, and who are thus clearly not invested in it, appear on message boards to talk it down. it just makes no sense. if you've sold, move on and move out. i always did.

    • Seven years away for demand recovery? Are you sure it is not six or eight? No one could see the downturn a couple of months in advance but you can see seven years away? You have just lost the little credibility that one might have accorded you with that ridiculous statement.

      People were hiring at the top of the market and they will be firing at the bottom of it too. The demand will return faster that you think and because scale and productive capacity across the world and industry has been rationalized, we will experience a capacity crunch until supply satisfies demand once it returns. By then, the price of the stock, six months later, will be quadruple of what it is now, IMVHO.

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