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  • boston_deb52 boston_deb52 Nov 27, 2002 10:42 PM Flag


    Don't waste your breath. Bear is either new to these boards or out of touch with reality. When we start moving, and we all show our "other side", I hope he has us all on ignore. He'll miss out on some of the best market and economic discussions on any board.
    Enjoy tomorrow!

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    • Re to: deb
      "Don't waste your breath. Bear is either new to these boards or out of touch with reality"

      My guess is he lost his job. Sure sounds like a broker, but with time to post day and night, he must not be working. Maybe he is going through denial. There are plenty of unemployed brokers out there, and few if any new jobs in the field. So, in time we can hope he wakes up to reality and gets a real job.

      Have nice dinner.


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      • chart,

        AB could be employed and still post, I do.
        I use my pc as a terminal/ gateway into our UNIX box. I keep three applications windows open, one UNIX systems admin port open and an open internet connection through Windows. I really don't surf much but I keep an eye on GLW, the GLW board and one a small club that was formed out of relationships built from meeting on APAT. Just an aside on the OT/ not OT controversy. Anyone that thinks that is an answer, check out the CSCO board. It would be impossible to type OT enough to organize that zoo. I one week I never found one relevant post. The difference being that I don't think most people on CSCO would know a router if it hit them in the head. Here most of us have an undertanding of what GLW does and many share observations as to how it trades. I like it.

        Good holiday to you,


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