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  • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Mar 23, 2004 10:14 PM Flag

    new to GLW

    My thanks to eld2soon for the excellent reply to my post concerning the expectations for GLW. I bought in to GLW today, and will be averaging in more shares over the course of the week.

    I notice this board has some very interesting converstaion regarding very real issues facing this country (the US) and the entire world. Actually, the dialouge is more intelligent than most Yahoo boards I've seen. I wish I had the time to participate.

    I do have one request. Since the vast majority of posts are off-topic (say, 99 out of 100) could the regulars please refrain from using the (O/T ) in their subject titles when they are posting "off-topic." It is superflous at this point.

    Could we rather assume that all posts are off-topic unless denoted otherwise? This way, I could navigate this board more easily and the conversations can continue as they are. If someone has a post relating to GLW, they could signify the post as being ON_TOPIC by including an (On/T) in the subject line, rather than the usal (O/T) for the off-topic post.

    I'm not being sarcastic, I am totally serious. So please, if the regulars could incorporate this lingo when posting about GLW, I would really appreciate it.

    Carry On....

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