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  • highintellect highintellect May 29, 2004 10:01 PM Flag

    Great presentation by the president....

    at the WWII memorial dedication today. And great presentation by Rumsfeld at West Point graduation today.

    The overiding message that came through is that we are enjoying what we have because of the sacrifice of those who came before us who were willing.

    It is good to see Americans out being positive about our country this weekend.

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    • #### give em credit though, they can really put the squeeze on big biz & government. Strong lobby ####

      Beats the crap out of being squeezed in the traditional dick-the-middle-class manner.

    • Fred, AARP almost as powerfyl (7 probaby as rich) as the vatican.

      The only item worth wild is the supplemental
      health insurance

      I give em credit though, they can really put the squeeze on big biz & government. Strong lobby

    • The service didn't pay very well but did ok by my dad in retirement. I hope they do as well by people currently in the military.

      Re AARP, mostly kidding though I have been a member for around 6 years.

    • Hi Fred,

      I've been retired since 2001 and I haven't found anything yet that the AARP offers that would be a benefit for me.:(

      I'm a vet and the VA does well by me. Any drugs that I need I get for a $7.00/month per prescription co-pay.

      Serving your country does have its rewards........if you survive.

    • razzle.. best of luck with your tests!!

      After working in small business for most of my life I look at AARP as the union which will represent me in my golden(likelier brass or copper)years. I'm not retiring officially for 5 years, starting a new career in truth, but to the world I will be retired and I bless AARP's venal moneygrubbing attitude as long as it will benefit me and mine. Hopefully I will retain enough integrity to not be snarfing up lunches for the eldery when others need it more. That's pushing the concept of entitlement way too far.

      I do agree that they could spend more time addressing the needs of those at the lower end of the food chain. Having spent a fair amount of time over the last year or so visiting nursing homes there are a lot of folks that need help.

    • You're right about the jobs. I agree totally.
      My wife works for the township, which provides lunches for the elderly. They're free, but if able, a donation is requested from those. Slugs, pennies, washers, you name it are in the bin, while parked outside are Buicks, Beemers, Ponchos, and the occassional Lexus. Personally, I take no senior discounts, ANYWHERE. Maybe it saves my kids a few pennies somewhere along the line. Yes, seniors are a greedy bunch.
      But I can assure you through experience, there are MANY, especially widows, who are scraping. AARP has a voice, but I wish they'd take up the cause for these less-fortunate instead of catering to the the crowd that subscribes to their cruise, European fling, and new auto ads.

    • You lost me. What are you talking about?

    • "Oh yes, you forget to mention the cost of healthcare while many of our elderly pinch pennies to survive"

      Not by and large. In the late '60s maybe. Now the richest group by far are the elderly and they feel they have a manifest right to accrue more benefits... at the expense of young people.

      Ever go to a restraunt? MacDonalds are filled with young people so are many low end restraunts. Your decent restraunts are filled with middle age and elderly. It's not just eating habits.

      Illegal immigrants take jobs from:
      (a) Young people starting out <entry level>
      (b) Wealthy and or retired middle aged and
      elderly needing their lawns mowed, gutters
      fixed and pools cleaned

      I don't buy the nonsense that they take just jobs nobody else wanted. Many people needing jobs could make it if, say construction jobs were available at market.

    • Jesus would.

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