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  • philandjoelle philandjoelle Jun 6, 2005 8:17 AM Flag


    In the past 6 months, an astounding 9.8% of the total shares held by GLW insiders have been sold. That is almost sureal.

    By contrast, and for perspective, only 0.7% of Intel insider shares have been sold in the past 6 months.

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    • WOW.... dud that is significant! Insiders excersie options and then sell alll or most of the stock purchased through those options!

    • Its called taking something off the table. The Insiders clearly have seen a 50% increase in a short period of time so it was clearly time to make some money. The reason Intel insiders haven't sold is because the stock has been stagnant as hell and there is no reason to sell. If Intel has a 50% run up in the next 6 months, you can bet your sweet ass that Intel insiders will be selling like crazy. You all do realize that you are suppose to sell to make money and not to take a loss. I crack up on this shit because its not like they dumped all of their shares. I think if you actually took some money off the table, your portfolio would be healthier.

    • philandjoelle, you are so desperate to bring Glw down. First you have the insider shares sold. A whopping 10% shares sold in the past 6 Six months. That is 6 months....Plus institutions are finally realizing that GLW is a good company and they are not gonna miss the boat on it.
      Then you have the oh, the price went up from 11 to 16.
      I don't think we will hit 14 again. We will be in the 15's tops. Here is why. All the four main business segments stayed just right were they are and they already accomplished a goal they set out few months ago. Plus we have already went down from 16.5 to 16. There are way too many support levels to break in order to get to 14 so it is a little bit of a desperation to wish that.....
      All my friends are not selling their GLW

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      • 20 bucks is probably already priced in to the evolving awareness of possible investors, but the risk is too great, the story is too pat.
        There are better plays with less risk.
        I want to warn you about playing exotic options. Whether the market goes up, down, or sideways, you can still lose all your money.
        You, being a moron, would not just lose all your money, you'd lose all the other nitwit's money who now still reply to your uneducated belches about any economic concept.
        Sighted Moron.
        Sank Same.

        Begging here.

      • Good Post! I posted a reply as well. This guy thinks the only time you sell is for a loss and for tax purposes. This guy probably hasn't taken anything off the table so his portfolio dwindles everyday. Intel has been a dead stock for most of the past two years. The only time it bounced (correct me if I am wrong) is when it was hovering at a 52 wk low and got a dead cat bounce. Why would Intel insiders sell at a loss or a small profit? If you see Intel run, you will see selling. Every big company will have insiders selling and when they do, its a sign to take something off the table but its healthy to do so.

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