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  • jmborchers1974 jmborchers1974 Mar 8, 2008 8:30 AM Flag

    Heard For Years Now


    How I bought shares at $3 etc etc.

    Fact is no one talks about selling those shares and now we are headed into a hard recession.

    Consumer credit up 3% in a month. All that debt moved to credit cards cause people are in the hole big and there's no house credit to borrow against.

    GLW to $3 in a year.

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    • No clown, mine was at $1.50 and $1.32. GLW is Global. EPS this year will be from $1.70 to $1.85. It is international. Keep plugging those puts, you need the grocery money. by the way , why didn't you buy at those prices guru ? You act like you are so smart but back in 2002 you didn't have the ball to jump in. So quit your bragging all the time, you are just fissed off that you didn't get in at those prices.

    • fNO, the Fed is going to have to buy that debt from the banks to get them back on their feet. The couple of hundred dollars your going to get is not going to do dick. The JBush admin. is in a fog. The Fed is trying to make funds easy for the banks to access but the banks don't want to to lend with the bad paper they are holding and its getting worse. Yes, the fed is going to have to take the hit and then the banks will lend freely again and the cycle will start over. THis coutry runs on credit and nothing else. BAnks have to come first.

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      • THis coutry runs on credit and nothing else. BAnks have to come first.

        Amen. We are indeed a credit driven society. It almost seems that the general mentality is "Why go through life using your own money when you can use someone else's and only pay the interest on the money" never have to pay the principal back..just keep refinancing and rolling the debt over. For better or worse, it seems to have become the American way.

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