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  • notsoobviousman notsoobviousman Sep 3, 2008 9:53 AM Flag

    Insiders were selling hand over fist


    It was obvious weeks ago, as it was reported, that insiders were net sellers ; on this site it was a "happy face" and average shareholdes didn't get it.

    I warned at $20.00 to lighten up on this stock.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Chartny,

      Do you have to be an expert to understand this? No, I'm no expert, just my humble opinion. It's getting low enough now for you to jump back in isn't it?

    • Re to:hotstock
      "Please post some more. What are your thoughts on this?????"

      Since you asked, the data shows the individual investor does not win owning any stock. I own a small pos in GLW and that my only common stock. Stock prices are not rational and I am a rational, logicl person. These do not mix.

      Here is where the "investing" is done.
      Take the GLW 401-K plan for example.
      10 year total return to date:
      FDIVX , 178.0%
      VMCIX , 156.2%
      NAESX , 153.2%
      FCNTX , 142.9%

      In that period, Buffet's BRK.A made +100%.
      The Dow made +50%

      You might guess I own the top three on this list, and ONLY those in the GLW 401-K plan. Just boring logic.

      Also own KMP and EPD which both are very close to +640% return for 10 years.

      But they are so boring we need not discuss them here.

      But guess I am just a boring old coot who likes to win.

      Back to GLW.

      I have a contact with a professional financial person clos to GLW and I plan to contact him today or tomorrow about what his group thinks is the buy target. I might consider buying some GLW in the GLW plan which is end of day buy. But that on the end of the day when the stock approaches the EOD positive.

      Happy investing.


      ps (I know NAESX is not the correct ticker for the small cap fund in the plan but it gives identical results) VSCIX is not 10 years old so I use NAESX a twin fund.)

    • Chart,

      Please post some more. What are your thoughts on this?????

      I need some rational in this sea of nonsense.

      You think this is a little bump for GLW?? or the start of a downward road?


    • Re to jam
      "Corning has problems from the top to the bottom.."

      And you are the expert!



    • Without question the worst stock I have ever owned. If it ever gets back to break even(25.50) I'm out the exit never to return.

    • Your an outright liar - insiders were not selling, get your facts straight.

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