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  • stillinshock stillinshock Sep 20, 2008 5:45 PM Flag

    Once again the hard working taxpayer....

    Listen guys, this wasn't the little guy who couldn't afford the price of a home, it was this administrations way to hold up an economy that was going o fail. Never in history has so much wealth been pissed away by a group of politicians who pulled every check and balance our of the market place to prop up this economic mess until after GWB left office and gave the GOP a good shot at the white house. They threw out the normal 1 to 15 borrowing standard and pushed it up to 40 and let the banks go wild putting people in homes who didn't have a chance to pay for them. they knew by the time the faulted, the elecction would be over and someboody else would take the heat. They can't afford to have any more people on SS and Medicare, so they put Chrs Cox from GS in charge of the SECC and they lifted rules to protect investors that were placed after 1929 to make sure this wouldn't happen again, and let the hedge funds short the hell out of good companies, taking your 401k coontributions so you couldn't add to the problems they couldn't fix. If your not retird now, you won't be for a long ,long time. 3600 a head is cheap for what these b--tards did to great companies and the jobs that went with them. Not saying these companies didn't have a lot of trouble, but shorting them out of existance and robbing the shareholders of eqiuty is unexcusable. the Fed should go to jail. It was Bush's responsiblilty to protect the country from all aspects, not just physical theats. Lock them all up.

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    • Shock, I see your points, but how do you figure that the "little guy" is not at least partially responsible? They are the ones who went out and purchased a house that was way beyond their means--and the idiots at the banks were the ones that loaned it! IMO, it's a lot like people who go out and max out a credit card, then apply for another one and max it out, and another, and another--then file for bankruptcy! It shouldn't be allowed, and I'm glad the laws on filing for bankruptcy have been toughened.

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      • They are the ones who went out and purchased a house that was way beyond their means

        Fiz-don't get me wrong here--I am not really critizing you but---let's just look at the heading on your post--Once again the hard working taxpayer....

        Now I assume you are hard working & a taxpayer !!

        The people that took out loans to buy these homes are also hard working & are taxpayers !!

        When businesses take out loans & they go sour--the business simply files bankruptcy & walks away---they keep all the valuable assets & stick someone/us with the debt !!

        When a private "hard working taxpayers" investment goes sour--he can't just go bankrupt & walk away!!

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