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  • photonsrus photonsrus Oct 7, 2008 1:33 PM Flag

    Will McCain Challenge Obama...

    Not nearly as bad as the arrogant, yet ignorant, liberals that support Obama. You know why Couric asked that question. She was looking for Palin to respond with the name of some local Alaskan paper that she could then rip into Palin about. Palin knew it too but froze in her repsonse. She didn't want to give Couric the answer she was digging for but she didn't want to lie either. She couldn't come up with a good way to escape. She isn't a professional bullshit artist like Obama and the rest of the hyprocritical liberal politicans.

    Try to escape the obvious liberal media bias all you want but the classic questions like, "Who is the president of Chad" is never asked of democrats running for office.

    Do you dolts honestly believe Obama is some sort of ethically superior choice to McCain? They are all the same. Now Obama wants to get felons the right to vote. So, it is cool to let criminals decide who is our president but religious rednecks from down south that are honest and hard working are too uneducated to be trusted with voting, in your eyes. Being uneducated and religious is a bigger crime in the eyes of liberals than crime itself. Nice. Enjoy the little ego boost you will get from Obama winning because all hell is going to break loose in the world soon after.

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