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  • highintellect highintellect Jan 13, 2010 2:39 PM Flag

    Economy Cannot Recover Under Socialism....

    December budget deficit sets record

    Budget deficit sets December record of $91.85 billion reflecting fallout from deep recession

    By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer , On Wednesday January 13, 2010, 2:07 pm

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The federal budget deficit hit an all-time high for the month of December, and the red ink for the first three months of the current budget year is rising at a more rapid pace than last year's record clip.

    The massive tide of red ink, reflecting the continued fallout from a deep recession and a severe financial crisis, highlights the challenge facing President Barack Obama as he pledges to get control of runaway deficits.

    Stop taking over private industry. Stop giving away billions of dollars to non-productive special interest groups. Stop increasing government employment. Stop funding earmarks and pork projects.

    And stop creating trillion dollar spending programs like national health care. Obama is driving this country to the poor house by his stupid, special interest driven spending programs.

    Throw him out now! And Reid and Pelosi along with him!

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    • "I don't think this is the change they were hoping for."

      Nobody likes to see politics behind closed doors, lies and deception, and a clear movement towards socialism, taking away from achievers and giving to dolts.

      Ba-a-a-a-d Change!

    • Looks like the people are finally getting informed and waking up to the Obama deception. I don't think this is the change they were hoping for.

    • There are people that are generously referred to by the media as "low information voters". Another word for them would be "clueless". They have no idea what the term "socialism" means, they only know that they have to be afraid of it. These are the people being targetted by the GOPers when they try to label Obama as a socialist.

      McCain and Palin have tried calling Obama "the most liberal senator", "a muslim", "not like us" and "a terrorist". A few people were uninformed enough to fall for it but, fortunately for America, many more were recognized the allegations as lies. "Socialist" is the latest in a string of GOP lies about Obama.

      The lies are designed to frighten uninformed people into once again voting against their own interests. It is failing, thankfully.

    • Fine, social security and Medicare are optional. You don't have to apply for payments. Of your house goes on fire don't call the fire dept. If your boat sinks don't call the coast guard. If you get mugged don't call on the police. If a national disaster hits don't look for assistance. Of your kid gets kidnapped don't call on the FBI. If you and the rest of the Neocons can promise not to partake you'll be doing a get deal for our country.

    • Blackwater operatives cost taxpayers 10x the salary our own troops cost us. Our troops hate them, they will cost us millions because of there incompetence. Let me remind you during our revolution the use of private miltary (Hessions) was a major factor in turning our citizens against the Crown.

    • Most advanced countries are a hybrid of socialism -capitalism. Capitalism works in most instances but there are examples where only a socialist solution is the answer. Our military is a example. Does anyone really want a private army operated on a profit and lose basis? After WW 2 Eisenhower built the modern interstate system, a socialist project and it boosted the economy dramatically. Private enterprises couldn't have done it because there was no profit in it. The dept of Ag and weather operate at a lose but it benefits our farmers like no place on earth. NASA is a drain on taxpayers but the benifits derived from the technology advances have rippled though our economy a boom to the semi conductor, advanced material and computer industry. In this country most people want limited government but there are things that only the government is capable of. When capitalism works fine but don't discount the socialist solutions that have worked or will continue to work as a invest
      ment in the economy,

    • Re to:voyager
      "Socialism refers to the various theories of economic organization"

      And those countries at best have 10% unemployment or worse. And they depend on the US for medical research so they can almost afford their Socialized Medicine rationing.

      Our governemt education system will always miss this.

      Thanks for your thoughful post.


    • You first need to learn what socialist means. Here is a clue: Socialism refers to the various theories of economic organization advocating public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with a method of compensation based on the amount of labor expended.

    • But every one of the top standard of living countries is socialist including the USA. So again name me a top flight non socialist country........

    • Why not, France, GB, Germany, Sweden, etc, all of Europe did, why can't a third rate country accomplish the same?

      • 1 Reply to gfo99
      • Because France, GB, Germany, Sweden, etc, all of Europe don't have to foot the bill for the reality of our world. Who do you think, once again, will come to their rescue when Russia decides they want to be a super power again and when these countries don't abide by their terms they get cut off oil and nat gas? Do you think they're going to retaliate with their big social programs? Do you think all of them will stand up in their coffee shops and hash bars and say, We've got to do something about this aggression...... lets have a meeting! Two meetings even! To think that there will always be peace is as naive as to think the economy will always be on a bullish path! People in our own country are getting desperate. Obama can't seem to create a new job (maybe he'll understand this when many of his friends in office right now lose their jobs), but if you think it can't get worse, wake up -- it CAN. Hopefully it won't! But the problem with liberals in these countries, and our own, is that they continue to look at life through their rose-colored glasses while they make decisions that affect real people based on their visions of a world made of unicorns and rainbows when in reality -- its NOT!

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