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  • twelvepacky twelvepacky Jan 20, 2010 1:12 PM Flag

    THE BIBLE...


    Why is it that our children can't read a bible in school, but they can in prison???


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      Most criminals come from public school districts where many kids have problems reading a comic book let alone a Bible, and from cities run by libs that hire teachers by protected class, ethnicity and connections with no accountability for results. Of course many of the parents suffer from dependency on 'the man' to solve all their problems so it is a vicious cycle.

      At least in prison, the inmates decide to learn how to read and get some education, since they have time on their hands, so some take the trouble to better themselves.

    • Good post.

    • Hey Packy, sounds like you're in need of a few dozen San Miguels:
      The Bible:
      An ancient novel full of murder, corruption, homosexuality, bestiality, incest and cruelty. It is often read to children on Sunday. In the first part of the bible the jews talk about a psycopathic god that kills more people than they say he created, in the second part, this god finally gets laid, has a kid that can turn a basket of fish into 70 barrels of wine that really makes the lepers happy. And everyone lives happily everafter as long as they tithe. And no birth control necessary.

      The Bible is probably the best book ever. You can use it as a coaster, hit people with it, look funny and quote it, eat the pages, fire fuel, toilet paper, start a war, control the stoopid people of the world, read it and become president, Hanaukkah present, piss off the Muslims, and turn back the clock.
      I used my bible yesterday as a fiber subustitute.

      The bible, the most widely used form of propaganda and control in the world. The followers of the relegion are blindly following a god that punishes others for not following him...Example, "hell". Those who know of the crusades a long time ago know that this "god" isnt exactly "good". What psychopatic god would kill his own people just because they dont want to follow him? That doesnt sound like a god to me...that sounds like a tyrant and evil abomanation...But hell, no one has proved that god exists...and no one has disproved it either...All we can do is wait for the truth to come to us. And if he does exist and sends me to hell, i dont care because I WOULD RATHER LIVE LIFE THE WAY I WANT THAN TO BLINDLY FOLLOW A TYRANT...
      God is a method of control, maybe it is not the religion or the god that is bad, but maybe the people of that religion.Oh,you like the other god from the new testament, after he got laid,by a virgin, he calmed down, started helping lepers by turning a bucket of mackrel into a few barrels of wine, sweet!

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