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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Feb 14, 2010 8:39 PM Flag

    The rich pay too much in taxes already

    What the general public does not understand is this administration is going to have such a hellish amount of hidden taxes on all the things that those less than rich buy. The cost of living due to hidden taxes will probably raise the cost of living by at least 30%. You think you are bad off now just wait.

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    • I become so very fatiqued at all the people who are more than happy to tax the rich even more than they tax them now. Those "rich" folks have just got to start paying their "fair share" of taxes is my all time favorite.

      Fine. I simply tell my employees that when the time comes where I am working long, hard hours, taking tons of risk and get taxed to the point where it is no longer worth the effort, I will simply send them all pink slips and tell them to go cry to Obama and ask him to give them a job to replace the good paying one they just lost.

      The hell if I am going to continue to kill myself just to pay it all in taxes so that others dont have to lose their government benifits. I can lay off most of my employees and make just the "right amount" of money to keep me happy and content and not be taxed to death in the process.

      Before you are quick to jump on the new politically correct bandwagon of Robin Hood Legislation ask yourself this question: "When was the last time a poor person gave you a job?"

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      • The idiots keep talking tax the rich. OK. What main street doesn't realize is the little people are going to be taxed unbearably in what is called hidden taxes. These hidden taxes along with gov't mandated wages and benefits, will raise the cost of living by 30% or more.
        Just think how much money must be raised just to pay federal employees atrocious wages and benefits. Between unions and gov't this country is being driven to hell in a bread basket.
        A past union member and a past gov't worker.

    • yea what he said!!!!! ya bunch of wannabes.

      Packy is a ignorant dumbf*ck with a bear in each hand, one in his pants to fool the ladies, and one up his butt chillin for the boys in his life.

      how bout if the government tax people based on size of their genitals, and usage. the more you f*ck others the more tax you pay; the more you get f*cked the more tax you pay. THAT it IS equally FAIR to everyone...this will encourage people to save, and cut down on sexually transmitted diseases.

      johnnnniiiieeee boy

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