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  • fogetabouutit fogetabouutit Feb 19, 2010 12:49 PM Flag

    Woods Vindictiveness

    Ernie Els called Woods selfish for announcing during a golf tournament.

    But, I think it's worse than that - what's the tournament going on right now? The Accenture Match Play Tournament. Hmmm . . . Accenture . . . isn't that the first company to step up and do the right thing by firing Woods' ass? Now, Woods tries to get back at them by diverting sports media away from Accenture's tournament.

    I like and admire Woods on the course - off it, he's a selfish ass.

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    • Fog,

      " it, he's a selfish ass."

      Maybe, but here is a famous, amoral, selfish guy who thinks with his dick.

      Obama is already a failure. Tiger as the Democrat candidate in 2012? I think we found the Democrat candidate for the next election. John Edwards, Gary Hart, Barney Frank, and the rest can further advise and mentor the budding politico.

    • Why assume because I find Hannity and Beck depressing that I like MSNBC?

      Both stations are overly biased and represent the polarization which is crippling this country.

      Again, the far left and the far right will NEVER get the middle or their respective counters to come to their viewpoints. Most of the programs on these stations just "preach to the choir" and do nothing other than rile up and anger their sides. It's negative crap, IMO.

      Doesn't matter to me if one gets more viewers than the others.

    • they're all douchebags when they get caught, heh? How about Gloria Allred the ambulance chaser "blah, blah, blah my client the porn star wants an apology." No, you and her want money and you're extorting it from Tiger or you're going to release his emails. She knew he was married, she gets everything coming to her which isn't sh*t! Tiger should lose his squeaky clean image, these whores shouldn't get any money and his wife can leave with a boatload of money which is a hell of a lot better than most women who leave bad marriages!

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