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  • cl92cl cl92cl Jan 31, 2013 12:13 AM Flag

    Looks like Art Laffer was right,


    2 months ago, he said that the economy would go into recession in Q1. So, it started before then. You can't have a moronsky in charge of the country and have anything go right.

    C L

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    • You Bushbots are still delusional, how'd that "trickle down theory" work out for ya during Bush's Great Recession?Every Administration spins and sugarcoats the economic truth. But the Bush White House took this disingenuousness to new levels. The surest way to get yourself fired as a Bush economic adviser was to say something that was true. Paul O'Neill was ousted from Treasury for warning about deficits. Larry Lindsey was kicked out of the top White House economic job for predicting in 2002 that the Iraq war would cost $100 billion to $200 billion — far below the actual cost,well over a trillion, but much more than what the White House was officially projecting. This disdain for reality, and for expertise, pervaded the Bush economic approach, and made it impossible for the Administration to react intelligently to real-world economic problems like the housing bubble. "Good job, Brownie - mission accomplished - and although it was not directly economic - but costly in human lives and pain and suffering - the best was Gen Eric Shinseki - who battled with war hero cheney - rundumb and pickle nose - the three stooges serving under gw clem kadiddlehopper - a veritable conclave of stupid and arrogance - people who wanted to play in the big time - who had delusions of a place in history - they do have a place in the clown section - two cannibals were eating a clown and one asks the other "Does this taste funny to you"?
      PS - has the current administration spent 65 million on useless ice yet? - they would have to incinerate money night and day to compare to the money pizzed away by the republicans and their corrupt cronyism.

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