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  • gfo99 gfo99 Jan 31, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    How'd that voter fraud work out for you?


    Double-Voting Republican In Nevada Pleads Guilty; New Mexico Counterpart Still Faces Felony

    January 30th, 2013 11:51 am Brad Friedman

    Felony Charge in New Mexico

    In early December, in one of the same stories in which we covered Rubin’s arrest, we also covered the arrest of a New Mexico man — another Republican — who hadn’t been named at the time, but who also claimed to have been “testing” the system in order to prove how easy it was to double-vote in that state.

    He too was wrong.

    We now know the man was 40-year-old Marshall Fischer of Silver City. He too watches too much Fox “News.” He says he was drafted as a Republican poll challenger, but somehow came up with the notion that he was supposed to challenge the system itself.

    Fischer is now facing a fourth-degree felony count of fraudulent and double-voting after he voted once at the Grant County Convention Center on Election Day before then attempting to vote once again at the National Guard Armory in Santa Clara.

    When he gave his name in order to try and vote again after standing in line, he was told that he had already voted and would have to vote with a provisional ballot if he wanted to cast another ballot.

    “I never intended to vote again and I did not say I wanted to vote again.” Fischer now claims. “I never touched the provisional ballot. It would be different if I took the ballot and tried to vote, but I didn’t do that. If I had intended on voting twice I would have done that.”

    If true, it’s interesting that Fischer did, essentially, what Republican scam artist James O’Keefe’s compatriots were seen doing on videotape when attempting to prove they could commit voter fraud in New Hampshire last year during that state’s First-in-the-Nation primary.

    In that case, O’Keefe’s co-conspirators, who were secretly videotaping themselves as they were hoping to show how they could receive ballots in other people’s names, didn’t actually ask for a ballot, or even touch it when it was offered to them (at least in most cases that O’Keefe bothered to release on video). Rather, they would say something to the poll workers like “is there a Joe Smith on the ballot?” After which, when they were offered a ballot, they would claim to have left their photo ID in the car — even though one is not needed to vote in NH — and subsequently leave the polling place.

    However, the excuse that he did not touch the ballot may or may not work for Fischer. The Las Cruces Sun-News notes that according to New Mexico Statute 1-12-9, Conduct of election; fraudulent and double voting, “every person not entitled to vote who fraudulently votes, and every person who votes or offers to vote more than once at any one election, is guilty of a fourth-degree felony.”

    Other than those two Republican double-voting cases, however, we’ll just have to wait for the promised report of Republican “voter fraud” fraudster organization True the Vote. As The BRAD BLOG detailed in early December, the group, which had offered dozens of fraudulent and misleading claims of “voter fraud” on their website (and still does), had also claimed to be “busily analyzing the mountain of data that came from all around the country about fraud and irregularities at the polls” during the 2012 election.

    Their “report” on all that fraud would be forthcoming, their website promised then as it still does. And yet, it’s almost three full months after the 2012 election and there is still no report from the group on all the “fraud and irregularities at the polls” this year. Could it be because what little “voter fraud” there was this year was actually performed by their fellow Republicans? If we’re going by actual evidence — something that Republicans scammed by the GOP and Fox “News” claims of “voter fraud” may not be familiar with — the answer is likely “yes.”

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