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  • arcadian4u arcadian4u Jan 31, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    Long Term

    If you're trying to trade GLW give it up. The stock isn't simply going to do anything in the near term. This is a long term play. Let the dividend stay exactly where it is, let GLW continue to earn money and pay down debt. The book value will continue to increase, and 10 years from now, you'll be thankful you bought a 1000 shares put them in a drawer and forgot about them. Now Apple, which some other clown on this board mentioned buying is another story. Yes yes it's a great company, no 2 ways about it, however, their products, are going the way of the microwave, laptop, and flat panel TV. Without Jobs and without new products not simply updates, their product line is going to experience margin compression for years. The company will continue to earn nice money, but like Microsoft, Apple shares are rotating from a growth to value. My take is unless they come out with something completely new, the shares will bottom out around 350. This has nothing to do with the company, it has to do with the rotation of the investment from growth to value and their product line facing margin compression. GLW has already faced the margin compression on the glass which everyone has lamented about for the past 2 years, it's virtually done, the stock has stabilized, maybe another 5% down, but then over the next couple of years, there will be a very slow painful grind back to the mid 20's.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • After people are done picking on my Apple comment, remember that Cisco, and Microsoft both sell for substantially less than they did 12 years ago. They are now viewed as value stocks. GLW is the same, it peaked 2000 and hasn't recovered, now pays a decent dividend, and is viewed as a value play not a growth. Apple is making that transition from growth to value, to you'd be wise to wait until the dividend yield is around 3.5% before investing in Apple.

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      • Value plays tend to return shareholder value... GLW seems to be taking its LONG SWEET TIME. We call that in the investment world "A VALUE TRAP"..... any reason why glw is at 12 and not at 15-16 realistically????? No reason why GLW didnt move up on a decent earnings report a few days ago. Its painfully obvious that there is some serious manipulation going on ith this stock- hence, the bad taste in it's shareholders mouths. That is the issue people seem to have... but will agree on paper it seems to be a nice VALUE PLAY.

        Too bad it has fell out of favor.

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