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  • arrs20 arrs20 Feb 1, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Try the Chiocago one again. All My fellow Democrates.

    Nothing new in Chicago. Stay near your home and don't cross gang borders. Been this way since the 1030s.My uncles told me until they too were killed. Shot in head 2910 Fullerton tavern robery.Many decades ago.
    Hmmmmmm seems the robbers, later got the same. One shot, one died in Statesville overdose. Will not change. I was there in the 1050s-1960s. No one believes my stories. Even worse now.
    The police then would drop us off in a rival nieghborhood. You know what happened.

    Taking away guns will only allow the bad guys to come in our homes knowing we wont be able to stop them. Bad guys will always have guns. Stop sale, lol lol So what with friends that have machinery to make guns in their basemant . It will not end.

    Eduacation and jobs will end the violence. That will not happen in Chicago. The politicains wont allow education although they talk a big talk. They would loose votes if people were educated.
    Enough. Want more? Interview me on TV or Radio.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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