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  • indepenedenceday indepenedenceday Mar 21, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    Bulletin for all Republicans. You will never ever, ever elect a Republican President. The old white male

    party is finished as a viable national party. The Democratic Party is the only national party left in America. The good guys have won.

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    • Indie,

      The country needs an influential opposition to counter the danger of a one party state. It's what makes the current sorry state of the GOP so dangerous. That party was badly damaged by the neocons. Then they decided that their path to victory was to sabotage the economy but it backfired. Now the party has been so infested by racists, nutjobs and haters that it has become unelectable. The decline of the GOP may be well deserved but it is probably bad for America in the long run.

      The GOP is going to need to fix their mess or they will be swept aside. Not up to us to tell them how to do it but a good start might be to declaring their distaste for the wackjobs. That would leave a few regulars on this board without a political home.

    • Good guys ? are you serious. Would you trust them to protect you? To help you have a job etc . They promised the poor and blacks so much since Kennedy and nothing changed. Tell me how much better they have it due to the Jesses Jacksons of the world. lol What a joke.
      Trust them with your children. Ask the parents in Chicago how many children they lost. Keep believing the lies. All they care about is their pockets. On the backs of the poor whites and blacks looking for hope.
      The unions leaders are rich still using people to do their dirty work for hope and dreams that not one generation has seen yet. Keep dreaming.
      I agree the other side are cheaters too, but they at least are not promising a bunch of lies.
      We need a whole new government. It wont happen.

    • well, the election results are proof positive...the inmates are running the asylum

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