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  • dubyuhandfansareevil dubyuhandfansareevil May 13, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    I Tried to Fake Crying Before

    I could fake cry for a little while; however, it was nowhere near as long as those rich, rightwingnut whackos (and their brainwashed supporters---who can't think for themselves). The rich rightwingnut wackos are fake crying about how abused they are after they have abused the poor/middle class for decades. Do they (whacked out rightwingnuts) expect the majority of free thinking people to believe their malarkey?

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    • dufus (which is the name of the dumbest man in The Bible), all you have to do is open your eyes and take a good look at cities or states in democrat control, and compare them to cities and states in Republican control. It's like comparing a rat nest to an oasis. democrats ruin every thing they touch. It is you dufus lemmings with your limited knowledge who cannot think for themselves. You still suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome. I hope that shows up on any background check you take to purchase a firearm. Because you should not be allowed to have one.

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    • The rich in this country have become a special welfare class. They used to fund campaigns and politicians would reward them with lucrative government contracts, handouts, bailouts and tax incentives. When they don't get these gifts, they start to whine like spoiled children.

    • Anothr leftykwr huh?? Must be a new mizindy i d, what a goofyPOS.

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