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  • gfo99 gfo99 May 15, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Scandal fever, was he reayyl the victim?

    Scandal Fever & The Right’s Nixon Narrative Problem
    By Oliver Willis · May 13,2013
    According to the right’s current narrative, the Obama administration is abusing its power. They claim that recent events indicate plotting and machinations by the President and his advisers that rise to the high crimes of the Nixon era.

    Putting aside just how phony these “scandals” are, based on the faux history the right has peddled for decades now, shouldn’t they be cheering?

    nixon-helicopterBecause up until recently, the right had Nixon as the good guy. The original sin of the supposed “liberal media” was railroading Richard Nixon out of office, amplifying the break-in and subsequent abuse of power to the level of a “high crime.” This resulted in the only President to resign in disgrace, an eternal blot on the Republican Party.

    So thorough was the right’s fake Nixon narrative that several of his co-conspirators – Chuck Colson and G. Gordon Liddy – went on to prosperous second acts within the conservative community.

    But now, on a dime, they’ve turned and adopted the mainstream modern narrative on Nixon. Because it benefits them to attack Obama, suddenly Nixon is back to being the bad guy. The same people who wave the bloody flag of bias over the Nixon era have suddenly found value in attaching it to the fake scandals they attribute to the Obama administration.

    It’s very much like the party of gutting and killing Medicare attacking Obama for supposedly cutting Medicare. Or the party of not capturing Bin Laden attacking Obama for being soft on terrorism.

    It is yet another example of a party and movement untethered from reality and willing to discard its long-built narrative in favor of temporary (eventually fruitless) outrage and rhetoric.

    I have no doubt that after these attacks on Obama come up empty (as they did with Clinton), the narrative will reset and Nixon will go back to being the victim, for as long as it is convenient.

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    • I wouldn't worry too much about the scandal cr-p that the right wingers are spewing this week. They're desperate to pin something on the Dems that can be equated with the shame of the Nixon and Bush Jr. regimes.

      The lunatics on the far right may have been convinced by their misinformation bubble, just like they were convinced that Romney would win. Sensible moderates will recognize that there is no moral equivalence, much to the dismay if the wingnuts on the right.

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