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  • wgboxman2 wgboxman2 Jul 5, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    With the sole exception of vinnie , GF ,indy and all liberal board members duck and hide like olamo when asked a serious question.


    Once again with the exception of vinnie , our board liberal along with our government run by olamo will always ; Hide , lie , cheat , spy , deceive and run from all topics and questions that would shed a negative light on this administration. The ACLU , NY Times , al gore AP droves of democratic senators and congressmen have openly come forward to condemn this administration for all of it's on going errors. Not GF indy etc liberal board members all they can do is change the subject to try and deflect there own embarrassment that olamo , and his 4 on going wars , his spying on all once free Americans along with Europe , Russia and South America go against everything they once preached and hated under bush. F En Cowardly hypocrites.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Can you explain how all this criticism about our fine president will help the Repukes get elected in 2016?
      There was tremendous amounts of criticism of the Chimp for allowing 9.11 to happen and then much criticism of his precious two wars yet this all happened. Then there was the criticism of his Great recession, despite all the criticism, it happened. What can you stop with criticism? When you criticize, you should give your suggestions to fixing the problem. The PRISM system was started by the Chimp and unfortunately carried on into the Obama administration yet I don't hear any repukes criticizing it, why not and what would you replace it with?

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